Monday, November 1


How was your halloween? Lots of candy hopefully :)
On halloween day I dressed in an improptu bunny 'costume' because I didn't want to people to think my normal way of dressing was my costume, plus it was fun to wear ears ;D
My real costume was this *v*

It's meant to be a mistress of Charles II of England, because mistresses have more fun!

i'm thinking Barbara Villiers because she got off the best, money for herself and her heirs even after Charles died.

it was a fun costume to wear and make. It is handsewn (except for a few of the boning cases in the interlining. Stiched with period techniques. Made of red changable taffeta (i know duchess satin would be more apropriate) and plastic whalebone for the boning wood for the busk and cotton for the lining. Base Bodice pattern from the Bath museum silver tissue dress, but with diffrent sleeves and exposed spiral lacing in back. The shift (white part) is totally inaccurate :(

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