Tuesday, April 26

Outfit catch-up

Quite a few pictures here ;P

Bubble blowing. I got asked so many times on campus if I was rush-ing for a sorority.

Mili-pretty. I love my local army surplus :)

Mori-esque mondays, I seem to wear mori coords on mondays, perfect to start off a week.

An 'in a hurry' outfit. Simple and (prematurely) summer-y.

Veggie casual. I have two veg print dresses (the other one is the next one item/many ways) it's good to have a few savory pieces ;p

Natural doll. I'm becoming such a big fan of cream and brown/straw.

Possibly my new favorite coord. The jacket is handsewn with period techniques out of cotton velvet (sometimes i wear it with a proper 18th century outfit) and the skirt is started it's life as a table cloth. My hair has two sets of braids round the back ending with the curls over one shoulder.

Ginger caramel. I'm loving these shoes, they have lace like cutouts and little bows on the sides.
Those socks are my snow dot tights cut down because they got super duper ripped, but they make cute ankle sock now :D

Tulip rosa. This cardi is not very figure flattering when worn with skirts but I love it too much.
Lots of layering for silly spring weather.

Now some non-lolita outfits. I wear lolita (or related/inspired) only about 75% of the time but I rarely take pics of non-loli outfits.

So windy this day :} but I did get a piggy filled with lychee jelly.

Panda breakfast. The skirt has little coffee cups and toast print.

Went to a bridal shower, so I thought i should dress like an adult :p

Soft, messy, girly? Grey and pink is becoming a favorite color combo of mine. And of course photobombed by my pup.

Easter outfit, I just went shopping to stock up on half priced candy :) I really like the idea of rompers and short socks with sandals is a guilty pleasure of mine.

And finally jeans! This is the first pair of jeans I've owned in about 4 years. I'm still super self-conscious about wearing them :\

Hope your week is going lovely :D


  1. Hi!
    This is my first time commenting on your blog :o)
    I really really love that outfit with the period jacket <3 Would you mind taking pictures of the jacket and the skirt for a closer look? I would appreciate it very much ^^
    You have an 18th century outfit? I hope we get to see you in that some time! I adore historical costumes, so I'm really curious :)
    Anyway, your outfits are always very creative and sweet, I look forward to seeing the next ones ^_^
    Until then...

  2. im so glad i found your blog! ive been searching for it ever sense i met you on LJ and got excited because you where the first lolita ive seen online that lives in NM i really hope i run into you one day! ive yet to see another lolita here yet!