Sunday, July 19

Bread and Blueberries

Yesterday I made bread, why does one always get the cooking bug when its hot out? Anyway here is the finished product with fresh blue berries. They were on sale so I got 2lbs of them I see scones in my future :)

This is what I wore yesterday. A little girl at the market asked her mother as I passed by 'why she couldn't wear her princess outfit to the store if I could.

The produce guys always say hi to me, they seem to be the nicest people in the store (no matter which one) maybe because they get to work around pretty food all day, with all the green and yummy smells.

I need to wear this shirt more often, it gets pushed to the back of my closet and overlooked. Its a rich cream color and has three vintage button. The fun thing about those buttons is that they all match yet they came to me from three diffrent sources (from estate sales and such).The chain at my hip has a pendant with a picture of Alice Liddel (I think that's her name) on who alice in wonderland was inspired by/based on. I'm not a big wonderland fan but I found the picture in a nat geo and knew I had to use it.

My hair is pink again, last week it was tawny carmel colored and a few weeks before that aqua blue. I figure I won't be able to have crazy colors in my hair forever so I might as well play with it now. I have a love of crazy hair accesories at the moment, in the picture I have a big flower and a brightly colored bird.

I look a touch compressed in this picture, I'm actually fairly tall in real life. It also make everthing so green! I live in the desert but there is a garden in the yard. A Garden which has a life of its own, nothing is growing in its proper place and weeds are everwhere but it's like a tiny oasis.

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