Tuesday, July 21

Rainrain please stay!

Tonight has had great rainshowers. I went out and played in puddles and got mud between by toes. This is the first time I've lived somewhere I can enjoy the rain, like have proper mud and see all the green things and birds after it stops.

Anyway so this isn't just about percipitation here is a look back at some of my older outfits.
I mostly dress lolita (the fashion). Mainly classic and 'old' sweet styles, the doll like look of lolita is what got me into the style in the first place so that where I take a lot of inspiration but I take detours into everything from super-deco-sweet to mili-loli and occasionally gothic.

From my birthday last year ^
Pink and strawberry and silly all over

This fabric is a pattern of dots and the blue bits are quails, I have no clue where or when I got it ;)

Cliche! Eating while wearing a silverware print I think this is the only skirt I have that has rickrack on it, odd because I love rickrack it's just so kitch-y and wonderful.

This is one of my favorite outfits, its perfect for fall. The jacket is an odd green gold weave/pattern and it closes up the front with hooks and eyes.

A little theme rawr rawr dino prints, I had not enough of either fabric so I put them together.

A very occasional boystyle picture, I was moving boxes that day so I decided to wear something more 'practical'.
All of these photos are at least 5 months old, hopefully I will remember to take pics of what I wear more often :)

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