Tuesday, May 25

How to make donut lollipops

I don’t really measure that much with this recipe so it’s more about getting the right texture/fluff.
What you need:
Yeast (a bit under a tablespoon)
Sugar (about ¼ cup)
Flour (about 2 ¼ cups)
Vanilla extract (just a touch)
Salt (just a touch)

Start with the yeast and a bit of sugar in warm water. Once the yeast has bloomed (aprx. 10min) add the rest of the sugar, the salt, vanilla extract, egg, flour, milk and water. Knead until all is well combined, cover with tea towel and let rise.

After about an hour (more if it’s cold less if it’s hot) roll out dough on floured surface and cut into circles. I’m using a glass for the outer circle and a bottle cap (from a jar of vanilla extract) for the inner. Continue until all the dough has been formed, then set to rise again for about ½ hour more

Now they are ready to fry, heat 2-4 inches of veggie oil in a stable bottomed pan (nobody wants grease burns). Slip them in gently and flip them after they go golden –repeat for the whole batch. After removing from the fryer, place them on absorbent surface (paper towel or plates or paper bags). Sorry the frying picture is so wonky.

Cinnamon topped donut

Powdered sugar topped donut

Now you have a couple of topping options (well more than just a couple but I’m only going into a few). Both powered sugar and cinnamon sugar can be applied easily just toss in a bowl once the oil has drained off. Both of those are very yummy but I’ll focus on the cutest option here.

Icing topping:
Powdered sugar
Tapioca starch
Food coloring
Pandan flavoring

The icing is a very simple powdered sugar type but I always like a bit of tapioca starch in it because it makes it cling better (I think). All of the colors and flavoring can be changed to your tastes also you could use white chocolate or those melting candy bits. For this the pink icing is vanilla, the green pandan, and with semi-sweet choco.

First you want to mix the powdered sugar starch food coloring and flavor together with enough water (or milk) to create a thick but flowing texture.

Dip each donut in icing and set to dry (if you want them with sprinkles add now).

To add drizzle type toppings place chocolate and a bit of milk in a bowl in the microwave for about 25-45 seconds and stir till smooth. Put your choco in a plastic baggie (or pastry bag) and snip off the bottom tip, squeezing from top drizzle over iced donuts.

Last is adding sticks to make them into lollis. You use several different things for sticks such as, trimmed skewers, real lollipop sticks (you can get them at baking and craft stores), heavy straws, or popsicle sticks. Gently push the stick into a side of the donut, if they seem too wobbly you can continue to insert through the center into the other part (the stick will be visible but it’s better than dropping a donut on your clothes.

And you done! Eat a few to celebrate :)

I find these hold up well to travel and store well for about 4 four days (much much better that dunkins or krispy kremes). Cute serving suggestions include filling a planter with floral foam and inserting the sticks so they look like little donut flowers, or you can individually wrap them in cellophane baggies like boutique lollipops.


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