Tuesday, May 25

The deco on my finger brace is holding up really well, I kinda though it might get banged up to easily but all the stones are still attached and shiny :) Ok, a little oufit spam
This was from foing to lunch with a friend, we are trading lunches. I'm taking her to 'ethnic' places she has never tried and she is doing the same for me with 'american' ones. I had orange julius for the first time!
A little non-loli. Sorry my dress is super bunched on my purse, bad purse tights combo the fluff of the purse kept getting snagged on the lace tights.

From the local asian festival, one of the woman at a booth kept saying that I looked like lady gaga :0

And last from the celtic festival, I got hit on by a rugby player lol. i think I like green/purple better than green/pink it seems more spring-y

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