Thursday, October 21

a bit more than a few outfits (part 1)

Sorry another big gap in posting :( but I do keep my tumblr much more active (

I went a bit crazy with diffrent colored hair this summer black->teal->purple->black->now red/gold split

Summer outfits I might be a dinosarus, aka what happens when I don't know how to pose ;D

mmm...cupcake baking print. I wore this to a dentist appointment maybe not the tooth healthest theme! But i have awesome dentists and they liked it, and they had polish stuff that tasted like chocolate.

Just a face pic, from working on my halloween costume (I changed my mind already) you can only see the top edge but I'm wearing a zone front jacket (hand sewn, made of blue cotton velvet).

Polka dots and card suits, and my foster cat aphra

Gingham and nut brown, totally inspired by candyland (the nut brittle lady) but the old game design not the new one (the new one is not cute at all)

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