Thursday, October 21

a bit more than a few outfits (part 2)

summer -fall outfits
Last week. Snow dot tights < 3 but they have a run already :( all the greens do match in rl but the lighting is odd.

Choco soda! It tasted like liquid tootsie rolls.

Purple purple tea. I really like the effect of the light purple criss cross over the socks, it's just strips of stretch fabric laced up and tied behind the knee in bows :)

make up pic, much diffrent then my usual


School type, wishing for fall (now that it is fall I want summer back )

This shirt tends to make me look over busty :( anyway, I love that waist chain it has a little picture of alice liddel on a strand of pearls.

Action loli? i spent the day moving boxes hence the sneakers

Summer always puts be in a sailor type mood. this summer I found a love of detachable collars and short socks :O

Heart shaped pizza <3 squash, onion, and garlic I don't really like cheese so it ended up pretty healthy :)

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