Wednesday, March 2

Loli reactions bingo

We all know when you go out dressed in lolita (really any out of the ordinary style) you get odd, funny and sometimes rude comments. So I decided to make a bingo card of some of the most common and sometimes annoying reactions :)

The third row third down has the wrong 'where' , eh that what you get when you spend so much talking about clothes ;p

The first colomn has names/people lolitas often get compeared to, second colomn has actions, third has nice things :), forth is event type questions, and the last are the most annoying.

I had fun doodling this little chart and it's nice to look at on days I feel more self conscious about going out all dressed up.

I've got a big dance performance this weekend so the next 'coord practice' post will be up Sunday. I'm off to chain myself to the sewing machine to finish my costume ;p

Hope your week is going lovely!


  1. This is so adorable! Haha, I think sometimes I can fill up a whole card just by going out for a few hours XD I think you're missing a row though! Aren't bingo cards 5x5?

  2. This made me giggle so much xD The doodles are so cute; especially the little pocketwatch on "Alice." :D

  3. Ahahaha, omfg all of these are so true. I've gotten every single one! Bingo!!

  4. This is hilarious, the first column seems like the easiest to get

  5. Haha, fantastic! I got a few of these today actually.

    The train station in my town is next to a block of flats, and whenever I use the ticket machine, someone shouts out "Bo Peep!" or "Where are your sheep?" from the flats. I think it's the same person every time!

    The one I get most often though is the cultural/religous garb reaction. I'm quite flattered by that, as I find both those things really inspiring!

  6. Hi, I have a question. I've came across "JetJ" in you blog. Is that a brand? Do they have a website?


  7. Hah. I need to print this out and carry it with me. Mostly, I've gotten people asking me if it's a costume, asking why I'm dressed up, or just plain saying I look nice.

    I don't get the weird comments or outright meanies. Maybe it's because I wear classic lolita or subdued sweet lolita.