Saturday, February 26

Outfit post and spring influences

Happy weekend :)

A few outfits from the last few weeks. it's been super nice weather and it's putting me in a spring-y mood.

Snow White inspired :D I wore this on V-day, but I totally forgot it was a holiday and was wondering why people were telling me they how festive I was. I alway forget holidays XD

Tudor-lita ;) i won't be satisfied untill I have a dress inspired by every historical era. I've been in a historical costuming mood, and have been watching 'The Tudors' on the bbc and cringing at the painfully inaccurate costuming :p

Simple 'normal' clothes

I do have an OTT sweet side that I let out once and awhile :D An outfit for going out for tea cupcakes with a friend.
Ratting this wig was so much fun. You might recognize this coord from my dreaming macaron coordinate practice post.

Last one a pink and creme mori-esque coord. I love the body unconsciousness of mori styling. The shirt has little pintucks all down the front and I layer an apron under the shirt, over the skirts to keep the softness in the waist while adding more layers.

And lastly I made a little collection of my spring personal themes!
*and Cream
*Tone on tone texture and patterns
*Details like pintucks
*locks and key
*and Pre-raphaelite art
I'd love to hear what your spring inspirations are :D


  1. everything looks so gorgeous on you ;___; ♥ i must say i'm especially fond of the first outfit, it looks so happy and fresh!

  2. I LOVE all the outfits ;_; Especially the OTT, you look like a real doll there, also the make up is lovely and very doll like! do you have a tutorial for that..? I never know how to do doll like make up"

  3. You look like snow white in your first coord!

  4. Your first outfit is gorgeous,I love the navyxred combo the most! And what can I say about the macaron one .... <3 <3 <3 You're so cute and have an amazing style!

  5. the first outfit reminds me of amelie! I would have to say its my favorite. the others are adorable too though!

  6. *_* I love the Tudor one! Great colour combination!!

  7. You look wonderful in all sorts of different styles! I was I could have more variety in my wardrobe

  8. so cute!! i love the variety in your outfits♥

  9. These coordinates are all so beautiful! I especially love your Tudor inspired one and the "B" necklace.

    I can't seem to find any way to contact you on your blog, but I have a few questions for you regarding a Lolita magazine I'm working on at the moment ( if you could email me at glacee.zine (AT) I would appreciate it!