Wednesday, February 2

Coodinate Practice: Dreaming Macaron

Whee two snow days in a row :)

Here is another one item many ways this time with Dreaming Macaron in yellow. I've actually never worn this skirt yet XD but now I can't wait to!

Let them eat macarons
Fancy historical hime style, all light colors and sweet themed.
-yellow/pink robe a l'anglaise
-Pink dot tights
-Yellow shoes
-Cake bag
-Tea cup hat
-Macaron clip
-Rose pearl necklace
Hair: Hime up do
Make up: Gold shimmer eye, pale pink cheek, champange lip.

Yellow Funfair
Simple and sweet, the structured touches in the collar keep it from being too casual.
-Yellow sweater
-Detachable collar
-Wrist cuffs
-Snow dot tights
-Pink shoes
-Pink head bow
-Music note cookie pin
Hair: Lightly curled bob
Makeup: natural eye, peachy cheek, glossed lip.

Puddle Jumping
Perfect rainy day outfit focusing mainly on bringing out the playful pink aspects.
-Bunny ear rain poncho
-pink cardigan
-pink socks
-Pink rain boots
Hair: Fluffy sausage curls
Makeup: Natural

Summer Sunshine
A bright non lolita coord for the dog days of summer when layers are too much :)
-White blouse
-Yellow heels
-Pink hat
-Honey dipper necklace
Hair: loose waves
Makeup: light eye and cheek, berry rose lip.

Blueberry Paris
Clean and sweet with a slight retro throwback in the beret and wider collar. It makes me think of sitting in a open air cafe with a cute dog.
-Blue cutsew
-Pink dot tights
-Blue shoes
-Sweet necklace
-Pink fluffy beret
Hair: low fluffy ponytails
Makeup: brown liner light blue shadow, light cheeks, pale pink matte lip.

Moko Moko Mint
being AP this print calls out for deco loli. Bunny ears for an event but I would remove them for everyday wear.
-Mint cutsew
-Pink bolero
-Pink star tights
-Mint leg warmers
-bunny purse
-Pink flats
-Ice cream necklace
-Heart cookie necklace
-Bunny ears
-Candy clips
Hair: Twin tail wig
Makeup: candy eye with gems, shimmer eye, glossed lip.

Electric Garden
Pop colors and slight mismatching give this a vibrant feel. Folding the socks to ankle level would give a cute summery look.
-Hot pink zip up
-Yellow sweater
-Heat pink socks
-Green glitter shoes
-Pink flower clips
-peacock feather
-Deco baby bracelet
Hair: asymetrical buns
Makeup: heavy mascara, rose blush, shimmer berry lip.

Fairy Hunting
A softer country feel with a simple color pallette and a variety of textures. For a picnic in the countryside and chasing through thickets to take pictures of fae creatures :)
-cream blouse
-Snow dot tights
-Crinkle socks
-Brown boot
-Straw brown purse
-Brown bos
-Flower clips
-Bead bracelet
Hair: Long braids
Makeup: Soft eye, peach cheek, rose lip.

I'm actually really surprised with how versatile this skirt is and am looking forward to wearing now. I favored tights over socks in most of these, not sure why, I think mainly because it's so cold here right now :p

Thanks for reading and hope your having a lovely day!


  1. I love how you always coordinate clothes! It's so inspiring to me C: My favorite coord is Fairy Hunting!

  2. these are all amazing! I never realized how versatile Dreaming Macaron could be.

  3. I love your coords :) I wonder, where can i find such a thing as a robe a l'anglaise? it's so beautiful! I have never seen anything like it! <3

  4. This is so inspiring! I adore each coordinate, but my favorites would have to be the first and second ;u;.

  5. Mi fav is the one called Blueberry Paris,it's so casual and cute at the same time.I love how you coordinate blue with the yellow tone of the skirt.

  6. I love them all, I wish you could come to my wardrobe and make this happen

  7. I love all of these! I think my favorite might be the poncho one, because the poncho is just so darn cute haha

  8. Thank you all :D This really was a fun coordination challange!

    Zeruda: The robe a l'anglais is handmade by me. It's a shortened version of an 18th century dress :)

  9. These are all so adorable and creative! It looks like a really fun skirt to coordinate with. I love the first one because it's such a unique way of coordinating it!

  10. What versatility! This was awesome to look at. =D

  11. you have dreaming macaron in my favorite colorway! so lucky ♥

  12. Such cute coordinates! I love them all! ^-^ ♥