Thursday, February 17

Dolly Knee Stockings

Yesterday I posted a picture on my tumblr of an adorable pair of doll joint stockings worn by the lovely ladypoison ( Her's are air brushed (listed as made by kohUeno who is a bike customizer?), seeing as I don't have access to one I decided to try and replicate the look with fabric paint.

i used:
black and grey acrylic paint
fabric medium to mix with the paint
thigh high stockings

I will start off by mentioning I have had several knee surgeries on my left knee so please forgive it's slightly wonky apperance.

First I measured my knee (with the stockings on) The joint lines are placed 2 inches above and below my knee. 7 inches in total length.
Then I marked out with a flesh tone washable marker the shape. I really recomend doing this on each knee so it fits perfectly.

Side view, make sure to continue the line along the side of the knee so it will match up with the back portion.

I then outlined with black fabric paint

Then shaded with both grey fabric paint and watered down black, to create the shadows that would occur with doll parts fitting together. one knee shaded

And both done. I didn't take a photo of doing the backs, sorry. It is just the same as the front, just put them on backwards and repeat :)

I put my completed stockings through the dryer with heat to set the paint then washed them. I didn't find any bleeding of the design :)

This is a test one I did yesterday, I made the shaded area larger not sure which version I like better.

Here they are off, the area around the paint will look puckered when not worn.

Some worn photos :D

I really think these are cute and playful. I would def. wear them for a photoshoot but not really for everyday. i really want a pair for arm joints next :D


  1. such a good idea! i love the last picture with the tan shoes! you look like a doll.

  2. So cute!

    And rather less confusingly, Koh Ueno is actually a designer in addition to being a bike customizer c:

  3. Fantastic! <3<3 I saw that post on tumblr, and hoping someone would either find the source or make their own version!

  4. Wowowow, creepy but cute!

  5. Those are so cute! I love the idea! Do you have a link to the picture that inspired you? I can't seem to find your Tumblr link on here and I would love to see it.

  6. thank you all :)

    -Caro-chan, here is the link to my tumblr post
    and here to her original post

  7. Aw that's awesome! Thank you SO much for sharing! I fell in love with the idea of ball-joint tights when seeing that picture you posted on tumblr.

  8. Wow, awesome! You should find a way to do it for the elbows too, and they have a BJD photoshoot!

  9. Oh wow, that's so cute!! I wasn't sure how they'd look at first, but they look great!

  10. This is actually really freaking cool! Good job!

  11. wicked idea! so gonna do that too!
    i nominated you for a blog award :3

  12. These are great! What a wonderful tutorial. I've started following your blog, I can't wait to read more posts from you!

  13. now your just like a real... toy? doll? haha. how strange. Movies like toy story all making toys more human like. you going to the other way.