Monday, January 10

Closet Reorganization: Pt.1

A small start on reorganizing my closet :)
The new egl theme has been pretty inspiring, so I'm working on redoing my closet spaces. First up was moving my historical costume out of my actual closet. I used a small part of my loft and changed it into a mini time warp :P

All partitioned off so the sun won't damage them.
Hooks along the wall for my pocket hoops, farthingale, bum roll, and petticoats/underskirts. And the boxes and bag contain old military uniforms and retro stuff.

They look so deflated when just hanging on a hanger :\ Each peg has two or three dresses on it.

Most of my costumes are hand stitched with period technique (crazy i know) so its still a pretty small collection. The dresses I have range from 1536 (the red/gold one based on a dress of isabella of portugal) to the regency (pale bule w/embroidery) but my favorite period has to be the mid 18th century.
In the future I would love to get a small garment rack for up there, but for right know I'm super glad to have a lot of freed space :D
Hopefully there will be another post on my finished (and properly organized) closet in the near future!

Hope you week is starting out lovely :)


  1. wow, your closet looks so dreamy! ♥ like something a real life fairy tale princess would wear *__*

  2. Oh cool! I'm glad I'm not the only lolita that also sews historical stuff (at the moment I'm working at a 1770 Robe à la polonaise^^) But I have to admit that you have an amazing closet and I admire that you hand sewed your stuff, I'm to lazy to do it by hand >.<