Saturday, January 15

In the Frillitary: A photoshoot

I thought I'd share a photoshoot I did last year. I got a surprise this fall when photos from this shoot (taken by a diffrent photog than these) were featured in an arts magazine, even the cover XD. This isn't lolita at all, but I do wear the dress in lolita coordinates (with a blouse of course).

This was all organized by a local photography group, they are lovely and I've had the chance to have photos taken in some amazing locations, including an abandoned local jail (one where one of the deadliest prison revolt occured, it's said to be haunted!).

My hair hated me after this shoot, it's pin curled then backcombed within an inch of it's life ;0

I got to play around lots of fun tanks and such. Even the photographers had to climb around and contort themselves ;p

Everything outside was burning hot though :(

Hope you all having a lovely (holiday if your in the US) weekend!


  1. I love the grenade shot! This was a way cute set of photos.

  2. Wow, this is pretty badass. You look really cute! It must've been awesome being in all those military vehicles.

    I'd love to see that dress worn with lolita!

  3. Love this photo shoot! And I love your hair!