Tuesday, January 18

New wig styling preview video

A bit more hime this time :D

The styled wig with rhinestone headband

Items used

And the wig I'm wearing on a head form.


  1. Looking forward to this! I'm always up for wig styling. Where do you get the base wigs, by the way?

    (Or is that in the tutorial, too?)

  2. The blonde wig is from:
    I did a little review of it http://fairytalealamode.blogspot.com/2010/12/wig-review.html

    and the black one is a human hair blend wig from here, I got if in one of thier low priced auctions (only 20.00): http://stores.ebay.com/Elegant-Wigs

  3. Haha thank you for this! I love wig styling (I find it funner to style wigs than actual hair, is that bad? xD) but that style would look cute for a classic lolita or hime lolita coordinate :)