Tuesday, January 25

Sweets and daily outfits

Strwaberry choco, jelly straws and pink kiwi iced lollipops! The lolli's are made with candy molds filled with fruit and sugar syrup flavored orange :)

Outfits from the last few weeks, a bit boring overall :\ after all the energy of holiday time I've been dressing a bit plainer.
Mint casual, something soft and sweet for running errands ^v^

otome-ish. I love this print it has paisley cards allover it :D my foster cat Aphra in the background.

End of the day picture XD my petti had fluff migration!

I love my gold heart bag it matches this jacket wonderfully.

I wanted a floaty casual look. Funniest comment of the day 'hey ballerina' :p , also I a got to ride in an Audi R8, I felt like I was on Top Gear :D
Hope your all have a lovely week!


  1. Those kiwi candies look yummy! And your outfits are all adorable!

  2. Those kiwi candies are so cute!! I'd love to make them, but I'm sadly allergic :( Maybe I could put in some other fruit instead!

    I love the coord with gold jacket and purse *__* that skirt is fab!

  3. i love the minty one. mint is just such a nice color. ballerina outfit looks really cute too! (all the other too but those two are my favorite ^^)

  4. I really like the last outfit! It's so parisienne! :P