Sunday, January 2

Coord practice + a video

This time I choose an item I wear a lot but most often with a white blouse, white socks and brown shoes. Pretty boring after awhile :\

Peach flower JSK:

Simply summery
A fairly non-lolita coord but perfect for a garden party in hot weather
-chiffon dot scarf
-white hat
-white sandals
-white beaded purse
Hair: loose beachy waves
makeup: natural eyes, shimmer bronze cheek, pink lip

Cinnamon tea time
Foresty yet formal, the smaller structured collar and heels add a touch of elegance while still being playful.
-cream blouse
-tan cardi
-cream tights
-brown heels
-heart cookie bracelet
-cream floral hat
Hair: Two loose buns at the nape of the neck
Makeup: brown eyes, light carrot blush, shimmer gloss

Winter Maiden
This started out with just the white as an accent color but I think the wine tones add a wintery touch and provide a striking counterpoint.
-white turtleneck
-white boots
-wine belt
-wine and pearl shoe clip
-snow dot tights
-wine clutch
-resin rose necklace
-flower hairclip
-crown hairclip
Hair: French twist with side swept bangs
Makeup: light smokey eye, pale shimmer cheeks, berry lip

Rapunsel Hime
Adding the gold aspects in this coord brings out the warmness in the pale peachy jsk. I think the use of a unusual hair piece makes this fun and whimsical.
-pink bolero
-gold underskirt
-pink tights
-pink shoes
-pink bow
-gold and pearl hair rope (lol)
-body glitter
Hair: Hair rope braided into long braid (with the hair), or for short hair twisted twice like a circlet with the tassles handing down the back.
Make up: shimmer eye, pale pink cheek

Palyful Garden
Sweet and fun without using the normal sweet loli colors.
-lavender cardi
-snow dot tights
-lavender leg wrap (tied about the leg in a criss-cross)
-lavender head bow
-white shoes
-waffle berry necklace
-candy pin
Hair: double high ponytails, lightly curled
Makeup: natural eye, berry blushed cheek, glossed lip

Teddy bear stroll
a light play on textures, inspired by my oldest teddy :)
-white blouse
-white bolero
-white popcorn texture socks
-wicker purse
-brown boots
-cookie necklace
-wrist cuffs
Hair: two braids
Makeup: Brown eyeliner, rose shadow, matte rose lip

Mori symphony
A play in layers and texture, all in the light cream, pink and peach tones. Sorry there is a extra shoe in the photo.
-pink underskirt
-pink long vest
-cream apron
-cream shawl
-cream otk socks
-cream boots
-large flower pin
-basket purse
-cream blouse
-wig with flowers, birdsnest, and tea lace
Hair: See video at the end of the post :D
makeup: Peach blushed cheek

Over all I really like most of these outfits :) Even with a limited color pallet I think many degrees of formalness and sweetness can be achived, i also like that it can be used in a very casual manner as well as bring a more OTT feel.
Another point I like is the use of convertable pieces, the lavender leg cross ties add the look of patterned tights, the bustling of the skirt to revel an accent skirt, the layering of a blouse over the jsk to create the look of a skirt, i like diversifing my closet in these ways beacuse you end up getting lost of use from a few peices


Last but not least, I bring you my first video (lol that sounded a bit pompus)
I made a tutorial to style a wig (or create the same with your own hair)

here is a little teaser/intro I will post the full one video tomorrow :)
I'm getting over a cold so please excuse the cough and slightly froggy voice.
*I'm not a professional hairstylist just having fun, please take all my advice with a grain of salt*


  1. The coordinates are all adorable! i don't know which one I like most, probably Teddy Bear Stroll and Mori Symphony.

  2. Such cute coodis~
    I really like the jsk you used! is so cute!

  3. Great coordinates! They're all so fun to see! My favorites are the Mori Symphony and Cinnamon tea time, but I'd probably wear them all, haha.

  4. I really love your 1st and last coords, so pretty *u*
    I love mori style, I will be waiting for the tutorial :D