Friday, December 31

A few outfits and BJD picture

I made a D_L post here:
so I'll just most a couple of pics plus non-loli ones

A little otome outfit from x-mas eve, my mother dragged me out shopping :/
Pale dolly kei (fake fur)

i have an ever growing love of all things cardsuit!

What I wore today, I was planning on wearing the dress you can see hanging to the right but it is way to cold for so few layers. This was nice and warm with the cape and multiple petticoats.
I love rococo inspired outfits so i decided to try a little earlier in history with a burgundian inspired one :)

A demonstration of my amazing posing skills ;)

*thought I should add a doll warning incase anyone is phobic :)*

I made my doll a new oufit, she's a volks syo on a diffrent company body. It turned out very mori, I want a bigger copy for myself now ;D

Hope you all are having a safe and wonderfull New Years!


  1. Bravo! Very adorable. I've never really looked a lot into dolly kei, but my, that one is my favorite coordinate of yours! <3

  2. I love all your outfits! They're all just adorable. And your doll is super sweet! Her outfit is just amazing.

    If you don't mind me asking, what kind of body is she on? I love the volks heads but I tend to make hybrids of my dolls!

  3. Adorable indeed! I found your blog through your previous boy-style post, and I must say your loli (and other) coordinations are wonderfully varied and stylish without exception. Quite inspiring.

  4. Oh my gosh!! I love all of your outfits *o* Especially the dolly-kei one.. whatta dream♥

  5. Thank you so much all! :D
    Caro -I'm using a fantasy doll body (ver 1) it matches pretty well, only needed a little blushing, my only bugbear with the body is the hands are fairly shapeless.