Tuesday, December 7

Coordinate practice-white dress 6 ways

So totally inspired by Sari Mari's (http://chouzuru.blogspot.com/) gyaru one item 7 ways post, I decided to challange my self :) I love that she does them with things she already has vs. using polyvore. Polyvore is nice for like dream coords or planning purchases but for me it seems to lead to wanting new this to complete an outfit vs. using and appreciating what I already have.

I started with a plain white chiffon dress

#1 chef lolita ;)
-mini chef hat
-white socks

simple shiro outfit, that I have actually worn before for a fashion show. The hat I would most likely only wear for photos or events it seems a bit to silly for everyday wear (for me). Wearing a blouse under would make it perfect for cooler months. I must admit I have have a place in my heart for super simple coords they are perfect for mornings when your in a hurry :p

-wine jacket
-wine belt with crown
-gold necklace
-white heels
-snow dot tights
A bit more mature with the inclusion on wine tones and a lightly structured jacket. For hair maybe an updo with curls spilling to one side with a white flower corsage.

Winter pink
-pink bolero
-pink underskirt
-snow dot tights
-lace wristcuffs
-pearl headband with pink bow
-white boots with sweets chain
I love layering skirts under dresses then gathering the overdress to create a bustle. When really wearing this I might switch the bustle to the back. I like that this is detailed and pink yet not too OTT (well any lolita is OTT for most people). Simple curled hair would look good with light glitter makeup. This could easily go hime by switching the boots for flowered heels and adding a tiara with hime bump hair.

-military jacket
-lace socks
-military hat
This is another outfit I might skip the hat for everyday wear and maybe go with big odangos/buns with small bows or clips. I think fun hair and fresh but striking makeup would make the whole look shine. Adding too many bits and bobs would take too much away from the frilly/military interplay.

A bit deco/fairy
-blue cardi (with detachable sleeves)
-pearl chain
-multiple candy pins
-multiple bows
-lace wristcuffs
-one pink shoe one blue
-white shoe bows
-white socks
I think the right hair and makeup could make this fully OTT and maybe adding pink lace gloves instead of the sleeves, moving the wristcuffs to the ankle and more colorful socks. But I like this version :) Adding the detachable bows to the skirt of the dress makes the colors more evenly spread throughout the outfit and keeps it from being an overly marshmallow-y skirt blob.
Panda and pancakes :P
-panda hat
-black vest
-bow socks
-pancake necklace
-black wedge shoes
Last one, a bit silly but fun and casual. Switching the hat to a bow or solid color hat would make it less silly. The whole coord is a diffrent take on BxW using white as the background with black just accenting. Fresh pink or peach tone makeup (heavy on the blush) and pigtails would make this cute and youthful.

I didn't add purses or much jewelry :( I forgot as I was taking the photos oh well next time I will make sure to include them. Also in winter jackets can totally change or cover an outfit so I focused only on outfits without jacket parts.

That was fun now that I've planned these out I want wear them all :) It definitely opened me to new ways to wear this op. Next time I'm going to try something a bit harder (white goes with everything right ;p).


  1. This post is amazing. That OP is bloody gorgeous too. I'd love to see more posts like this!

  2. you've got cute combinations. where did you get all those cute stuff?