Monday, December 13

Coordinate practice -one skirt/seven ways

This one way a lot of fun, I went to sleep last night thinking of all the ways to coordinate this skirt :)
The skirt is a deep purple with a gold unicorn and shield with vines. It's handmade but you could easily use a brand piece like any of the amazing JetJ gold/velvet skirts.

Gothic light
-black vest
-black shirt
-black coat (this has much more shape on a person)
-black lace tights
-black heels
-resin rose necklace
-black purse with gold pouch
-peacock feather hair stick
-flat gold and black bow
-crown clip

Lots of black with touches of the purple throughout (hair clip, necklace, skirt). I think a jabot ot a more detailed blouse would make this coord better and give it more impact.
Makeup: Simple eyes with feather or dramatic lashes, shimmer pale blush, berry lips
Hair: choconyan style looped pigtails with eartails and bangs heavily curled

-pink cutsew
-pink cardigan
-pink tights
-pink shoes
-hat with ribbon ties
-choco love necklace
-round strw purse

I think this is a bit more of an ETC inspired sweet coord. Swapping the tights and shoes for cute sandals would make it perfect for summer heat.
Makeup: Fresh pale pink tones
Hair: low curled ponytails or pin curls

Everyday (not lolita)
-striped cutsew
-nude flats
-banana necklace

Very simple and wearable, I really love when items cross styles. Still feminine and fun but won't get too many stares.
Makeup: Copper/brown eye (light application), soft peach cheeks, glossed lips
Hair: simple loose waves

The academy
-grey blazer
-cream undershirt
-grey tights
-brown heels
-birds nest hairclip
-crown clip
-alice photo frame waist chain
-lavender necklace

Pleats always remind me of uniforms :) The use of grey with jewel tones makes them appear richer and give them more emphasis. A long sleeve blazer and a higher neck blouse could make this more winter apporpriate.
makeup: smokey eye, light berry blush, berry glossed lip
Hair: low 'messy' side bun

Be my dolly kei
-cream blouse
-tapestry corset
-cream lace skirt
-cream shawl
-chain belt
-fake fur
-green socks
-brown boots
-kuchi pendant
-green necklace
-cream hat
-shell hair stick
-box purse with key

I'm quite excited how lovely this turned out, I'm not well versed in dolly-kei style. The brown from the boots is carried up to the fur collar and the cream is spread both up and down with the hat and underskirt.
Makeup: purple/copper eyes, peach blush, wine or nude lips
Hair: braid headband with curls swept to one side

Double cream classic
-cream blouse
-purple cape
-cream otk socks
-brown flats
-pearl headband
-pearl and shell bracelet

A very minimal coord with only two main colors. A simple delicate outfit like this would be a great offset for an awesome bag (maybe a mary poppins-esqe carpet bag).
Makeup: simple light eye, coral blush, pale lip
Hair: straight with bangs or two fishtail braids with ribbons

Vive la reine
-green robe a l'anglaise (18th century dress with fitted back)
-green otk socks
-brown heels
-brown hat with feather
-purple flower
-rhinestone necklace
-violin case

The green dress is ankle length just gathered to appear shorter. This is very hime in more of a historical way and very ott in a not very sweet way. The kind of outfit for a photoshoot or meetup not super practical for everyday.
Makeup: gold eyes, over blushed cheeks, pink glossed lip with a touch of shimmer
Hair: curls pinned up to spill down one side (with the hat tilted to the other)

I really like the range this skirt has, much more than I even expected :D This experiment is really helpful in using my lolita clothes in new ways and also in realizing the holes that need to be filled (i.e. black blouses). Sorry about the lighting changes, it started to get dark about half way through :/


  1. awesome coords ♥

    Now I follow you n.n

  2. Ugh, so beautiful!! The dolly kei one and the last one are my favorites. Totally going to do this sometime!

  3. I love the gray blazer, where did you get it from?

  4. Thank you all for the sweet comments :)
    Njal -the blazer is from a brand called agenda, I alter it to be short sleeved.

  5. Wow, this post is just amazing! Very inspiring. Makes me want to try something similar XD You must have an awesome wardrobe.