Wednesday, December 15

bits and bobs -outfits and fun links

Happy wednesday (or thursday)
Just a little post with a few fun links, I'm sure you've seen at least some of them before XD

Places for cute photos/lolitas/mori/etc.
^ there are blog rankings for many diffrent styles, including lolita (sweet, classic, and goth), girly/otome, mori and a tom more. It's a great way to find a bunch of japanese blogs.
^ full of great clear photoshoots, there is a lolita catagory and brand ones also. I belive you need an account to view some things, it's free and available to non-jp users :)
^ message boards/disscusions, pictures, events. There is navigation in english for a lot of the pages but the userbase is primarily japanese so conversation is mostly in japanese. You need an account to view photos and disscusions, it's free and available to non-jp users.

I love this blog about historical foods!
^ this entry is all about sandwiches and food on the go (1800s style). The ginger/orange and pear mint sandwiches would be lovely for a meetup :D

And a few recent outfits (I got a huge mirror so I'm trying to take outfit snaps more often)
simply make-up, my hair isn't really green on top I think the lighting is funky :/
Holiday hello kitty

Classic in white/wine. I love bustle skirts in winter extra skirts to keep warm!

Holiday party. i loved the marching band type detail on AP's holy night story but was not a big fan of the print so i added it to this dress. I was lucky to have pink velvet in my fabric stash that matched the skirt fabric :)


  1. Such cute outfits! I adore the design of your classic dress.

    I also love what you did with the dress in your third pic! I feel the same way about Holy Night Story.

  2. Oh my gosh I love the last dress way too much! The classic look is also really nice~

    Your room also seems really huge! O: