Thursday, December 16

Wig review

I bought this wig on ebay for a grand total of 11.00 usd, I really wasn't expecting much but I wanted to try a totally blonde wig.

I won the auction for around $1 +1o.oo shipping, They shipped the day after I payed and it arrived 5 days from when it was shipped (pretty awesome for the holiday season). The seller doesn't have very many wigs for sale, I wonder if they buy deadstock or factory left overs??

It's listed as half monofilament half kanekalon. It's extremely soft I had to resist the urge to keep patting my head ;) It has barely any shine, really only in bright indoor lighting and flash.

It came in a bag with cardboard collar and in a wig net and inside tissue paper to keep it's shape. It shipped in a tyvek(-esque) bag. Not really worried about any damage during travel it seemed very well packed.
Out of the package, you can see it has a bit more shine when under harsh indoor lighting. There are a nice mixture of thin and thick section curls.

Mirror shot. Sorry I left my glasses on for all of these :/ and am in my pjs (rugby jersey)

with headband bow, the fibers are a bit slippy so headbands might need to be secured with hairpins.

The wig has a skin top and no wefts are visible when worn unstyled.

Here it is lightly styled (front left down back, back twisted up and secured at the top), it styles easily and pins through the cap very nicely.

And here is the back of the style, some of the weft lines become visible but with more care in styling this could be minimized but high or tight ponytails wouldn't be possible.

Overall it's quite good quality for the price, but I wouldn't recommend it for those outside the USA because shipping price gets quite high and you could easily pick up a wig of comparible quality (or better)from taobao for the same price.
I'm very happy with the wig and with their customer service, they sent a happy holidays card and a 10% off my next order code (from their website I might buy another to try and dye, because I've always wanted a mint wig (most green wigs are much to bright) and I won't feel to bad if I ruin a $11.00 wig ;)

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! Shit, I can't believe how cheap the wig is. It doesn't look too bad, especially for that price!