Friday, December 24

Coordinate Practice: Boystyle

A real challange for me on this one :D I never really wear boystyle so these knickerbockers have been hanging in my closet forlorn (last time I wore them was in 2008?)

I felt these outfits have more of a backstory, I had more of a personality in mind of who would wear them and why.

Cardsuit prince pants:

Duchess in disguise
-red jacket
-bow necklace
-t-starp shoes
-white blouse
-black hat
-grey tights
Still feminine and classy but more playful. Like a royal escaping the palace to fight a duel :)
Hair: Loose low bun with a few wispy face framing layers
Makeup: Light golden eye strong lip

Riding party
A swallow tail jacket and lace-up shoes give this a more masculine feel.
-Black jacket
-white blouse
-Black shoes
-Bow belt
-Eggshell tights
-black or white hat (which ever suits ones hair color better)
Hair: Low ponytail with ribbon tie
makeup: Natural eye/cheeks light berry lips

Princess in hiding
A totally girly take on pants. The ruffled blouse and touches of pink keep this princess from being mistaken for the boy she's pretending to be ;)
-White blouse
-Snow dot tights
-white heels
-Sweet pink necklace
-Black bow purse
-hair flowers and bows

Dapper school days
texture plays heavily in this oufit along with the fall colors. The larger jacket gives a cute appeance making the wearer look smaller and it's warm :)
-Cream blouse
-Fawn jacket
-Cream otk socks
-Brown shoes
-brown bag
Hair: Pin curls maybe with an oak leaf tucked behind the ear
Makeup: Peach cheeks, brown eyeliner, glossed lips

Holiday Hansel
A cosy themed oufit. Switching the sock for less holiday related could make it year round.
-Red fur cape
-White blouse
-Candy cane socks
-Black shoes
Hair; Short pixie with dusting of glitter
Makeup: Pale pink blushed cheeks

Playful Panda
This is a very casual variation, playing only in the color palette of the shorts.
-Panda top
-Red OTK socks
-Black wedges
-Strawberry bracelet
-Red hair bow
Hair: high curly buns
Makeup: heavy mascara, pink glossed lip

Gothic adventure
A bit more detailed ;) Diffrent jewelry peices at diffrent levels brakeup the mostly blackness of this coord.
-Black jacket
-Black blouse
-Black veiled hat
-Black purse
-black lace tights
-Black heels
-Peacock hair stick
-Black pearl waistchain w/ pomegranate
-Resin rose and bead necklace
Hair: Half the hair up in curls pouring down one side.
Makeup: smokey eye, gold shimmer cheeks, wine gloss.

Overall i felt a little unispired with these, I think I stayed too safe using mainly only the three colors in the shorts. This may get a revisit in the future ;) Personally I would wear the panda coord most!
Hope you all are having a lovely and restful holiday break :D


  1. omg. I love all of them, but particularly the school days and riding party ones <3<3

  2. So many cute coordinates! I really love some of the jackets you have. You've got great taste!

  3. Found you by going through all of the links on that recent EGL post, and I'll definitely be watching from now on. You've got some really awesome ideas and wonderful tastes! Can't wait to see more from you~

  4. they are all so cute!!!!some work for casual too~!!!<3

  5. Lovely coords! I really like your style :D
    May I ask what company/brand those knickerbockers are from?

  6. Thanks everybody :)
    Pacchan -the knickbockers are handmade by me.