Sunday, September 6

Eeek an update

Well i kinda totally forgot I even made a blog but I'm back!

I changed my hair color back to its natural black, I'm still figuring out how to dress/makeup-ify the new/old me. I have had odd colord hair (copper, pink, aqua, mint, honey) for the last 7 years so its feel really weird. My favorute picture, I think it really changes my whole look. Anyway I've been working on some historical projects (not compleatly historically accurate) for fun. I'm really liking period hand sewing it goes a lot faster than I thought it would, now I just need to find an occasion to wear such fancies.
The back of my robe a la francaise.

Next project is a robe volante in the style of the reclining lady in de Troy's La Declaration d'Amour (1725)

Onto more wearable if no less fantastical fare. I made a dress inspired by the Italian Ren. not a direct copy (obv. its lolified) but more the feel and gerneral cut of it. I really love this fabric, I got it from the hancocks remnant bin, I have a thing for this tone of green/gold I have way to much of it but its so lush looking and just screams buy me!! when ever I see it :)

It has spriral lacing up the front and full sleeves with lacing rings for ladder lacing (not done up properly in these photos because it don't have ribbon for it yet) underneath it is a shirt that has been sitting in my closet forever and I've never worn, so yay for finally having a use for it!

Last up is a quick snap of an outfit I wore a few weeks ago. i think I might have posted it before but i don't care I love love love this dress. It has sand castles and sea horse gaurds and all manner of cute sealife. The green thing in my hand is an otter pop, little kid nostalgia ftw! I can always manage to look like a compleate fool in pictures XD