Tuesday, May 25

The deco on my finger brace is holding up really well, I kinda though it might get banged up to easily but all the stones are still attached and shiny :) Ok, a little oufit spam
This was from foing to lunch with a friend, we are trading lunches. I'm taking her to 'ethnic' places she has never tried and she is doing the same for me with 'american' ones. I had orange julius for the first time!
A little non-loli. Sorry my dress is super bunched on my purse, bad purse tights combo the fluff of the purse kept getting snagged on the lace tights.

From the local asian festival, one of the woman at a booth kept saying that I looked like lady gaga :0

And last from the celtic festival, I got hit on by a rugby player lol. i think I like green/purple better than green/pink it seems more spring-y

How to make donut lollipops

I don’t really measure that much with this recipe so it’s more about getting the right texture/fluff.
What you need:
Yeast (a bit under a tablespoon)
Sugar (about ¼ cup)
Flour (about 2 ¼ cups)
Vanilla extract (just a touch)
Salt (just a touch)

Start with the yeast and a bit of sugar in warm water. Once the yeast has bloomed (aprx. 10min) add the rest of the sugar, the salt, vanilla extract, egg, flour, milk and water. Knead until all is well combined, cover with tea towel and let rise.

After about an hour (more if it’s cold less if it’s hot) roll out dough on floured surface and cut into circles. I’m using a glass for the outer circle and a bottle cap (from a jar of vanilla extract) for the inner. Continue until all the dough has been formed, then set to rise again for about ½ hour more

Now they are ready to fry, heat 2-4 inches of veggie oil in a stable bottomed pan (nobody wants grease burns). Slip them in gently and flip them after they go golden –repeat for the whole batch. After removing from the fryer, place them on absorbent surface (paper towel or plates or paper bags). Sorry the frying picture is so wonky.

Cinnamon topped donut

Powdered sugar topped donut

Now you have a couple of topping options (well more than just a couple but I’m only going into a few). Both powered sugar and cinnamon sugar can be applied easily just toss in a bowl once the oil has drained off. Both of those are very yummy but I’ll focus on the cutest option here.

Icing topping:
Powdered sugar
Tapioca starch
Food coloring
Pandan flavoring

The icing is a very simple powdered sugar type but I always like a bit of tapioca starch in it because it makes it cling better (I think). All of the colors and flavoring can be changed to your tastes also you could use white chocolate or those melting candy bits. For this the pink icing is vanilla, the green pandan, and with semi-sweet choco.

First you want to mix the powdered sugar starch food coloring and flavor together with enough water (or milk) to create a thick but flowing texture.

Dip each donut in icing and set to dry (if you want them with sprinkles add now).

To add drizzle type toppings place chocolate and a bit of milk in a bowl in the microwave for about 25-45 seconds and stir till smooth. Put your choco in a plastic baggie (or pastry bag) and snip off the bottom tip, squeezing from top drizzle over iced donuts.

Last is adding sticks to make them into lollis. You use several different things for sticks such as, trimmed skewers, real lollipop sticks (you can get them at baking and craft stores), heavy straws, or popsicle sticks. Gently push the stick into a side of the donut, if they seem too wobbly you can continue to insert through the center into the other part (the stick will be visible but it’s better than dropping a donut on your clothes.

And you done! Eat a few to celebrate :)

I find these hold up well to travel and store well for about 4 four days (much much better that dunkins or krispy kremes). Cute serving suggestions include filling a planter with floral foam and inserting the sticks so they look like little donut flowers, or you can individually wrap them in cellophane baggies like boutique lollipops.


Friday, May 7

Photos from my fashion show last summer/fall
Photos from my fashion show a month ago, all the girls were cake flavors and I dressed as a chef

100 baton from egl

(1) HNと生年月日、出身を教えて下さい。(Screen-
name and DOB, please tell me these~.)
Pearmaid (doa)/Pearmaiden(tumblr)/konekotoast(lj)

(2) 身長・体重・服のサイズ・靴のサイズは? (height, weight, clothing size and shoe size)
5’11”, ranges between 120-130, 0-4 depending on brand, 9.5-10.5

(3) ロリィタファッションをするようになったキッカケは? (why did you start to dress lolita?)
Because it’s cute

(4) 好きなロリィタのジャンルは? (which style of lolita do you like)
All of it, but I only really dress sweet and classic.

(5) 上記に対する拘りや、自分なりの定義などあれば、教えて下さい。(express in your own words, the ideal your above answer)
Anyone dressing how their hearts desire <3

(6) ピアスは開けていますか? また、いくつあいてますか? (Do you have piercings? Where?)

(7) 好きなブランドは?(Which brands do you like?)
Juliet et Justine, Meta, BTSSB, Emily Temple Cute, Innocent World, Angelic pretty, Moon Afternoon, and a bunch more!

(8) アナタの一番お気に入りのお洋服はどんな服ですか?(Which are your favourite clothes you wear?)
All of it

(9) ロリィタ友達は何人くらい居ますか?(how many lolita friends do you have?)
None :(

(10) ロリィタをした上での一番良かったことは?(What do you love most about lolita?)
The frivolity of it all.

(11) 逆に一番一番嫌なことは?(What do you hate about it? Pet peeves??)
Petticoat static, lol

(12) 愛読雑誌は?(Magazine you read?)
Alice deco, GLB, kera, Spoon,

(13) ヘッドドレス派? ボンネット派? リボン派?(Headdresses, bonnets or ribbons/katsushya?)
All of them :)

(14) ドロワーズは穿いていますか?(Yes to Drawers/Bloomers?)
Oh yes!

(15) ヘッドドレスは前で結ぶ派? 後ろで結ぶ派?(do you tie headdresses at the front or at the back?)

(16) 好きな音楽のジャンル・バンドなどはありますか?(Who is your favourite band/type of music?)
I’ve been told I have horrid taste in music XD

(17) 携帯の着メロは何ですか?(What is your phone ring tone~?)
Just a boring ring

(18) ライヴにはロリィタで行きますか?(Do you go to concerts in lolita?)
I‘ve never been to a concert

(19) ライヴに行く方はライヴ中にヘドバンしますか?(For people who attend concerts: Do you headbang there?)

(20) 何色が好きですか?(What colours do you like?)
Purple, pink, yellow, gold, white, mint, wine, cream

(21) 趣味は何ですか?(What are your hobbies?)
Dancing, charity work, sewing, baking, reading,

(22) 愛用の香水があれば、教えて下さい。(If you have any favourite perfumes, please tell us.)
I don’t wear pefumr but I love the scent of orange blossom water.

(23) ロリィタする上での「コレだけは気をつけている」ということはありますか?(Is there anything you are careful of in lolita?)
Falling down, but I still end up doing it all the time.

(24) 主によく出没する所は何処ですか?(Do you have any favourite haunts to go to in lolita?)
Boba tea shop and the library

(25) 週に何回くらいロリィタですか?(how many times a week do you dress lolita?)
Everyday I leave the house, and I have some loli roomwear for when I lazing about the house.

(26) ロリィタ初心者時に仕出かした恥ずかしいエピソードを教えて下さい。(Please tell us an embarrassing story when you were a beginner in lolita.)
I constantly mispronounced loli, I still do if I talk too fast.

(27) アナタの今の髪型と色は?(Your current hairstyle and colour.)
Black hime cut

(28) ロリィタ歴はどのくらい?(What is your lolita history?)
I started wearing it a few years ago.

(29) 専用の衣装収納場所がありますか?(Do you store your clothes in a special place?)
Umm the closet ;)

(30) 今までロリィタを止めようと思ったことはありますか? また、その理由は?(Did you ever think about stopping Lolita? What was the reason?)
Not really, but I have thought about expanding my non lolita side of my wardrobe

(31) あなたのモットーは?(What is your motto?)
‘you will be so happy looking back on what you’ve done so just do it already’

(31) 将来の夢は?(Your dreams of the Future?)
A bunch of things!

(33) この人は絶対ロリィタ似合う! と思う有名人の方はいますか?("This person is so perfect for lolita!" - Do you ever think that about certain celebraties?)
To look perfect in lolita you need to love it so, I don’t know.

(34) 一番思い出の詰まったお品とその思い出を教えて下さい。(Any products/items you have with a fond memory?)

(35) 一番最初に手に入れたお品は?(What was your first item?)
A lilac JSK I made myself, I still love it but my sewing skills have improved greatly.

(36) 写真を撮る時の決めポーズはありますか?(Have you got a pose for photos?)
I tend to be eating in a ton of my photos :)

(37) アナタの心のバイブルを教えて下さい。(本・雑誌・CDなど何でも)(What is your heart's bible? [book/magazine/CD/etc])
‘Catherine called birdy’

(38) 一番高い踵の靴は何cmありますか?(what is the best cm for heels?)
Well I’m tall so short heels are best.

(39) ティアラはつけたことがありますか?(Do you wear tiaras?)
No, but I wear teacups and boats in my hair.

(40) たまには王子をやってみたいと思いますか? また、どんな王子? 暗黒系? 白馬系?(Do you think you want to try prince style? What kind of prince? Ankoku-kei [Gothic/dark prince]? Or "prince on a white horse" style?)
I have but I don’t really like pants that much.

(41) レースはどんな種類が好きですか?(What types of lace do you like?)
Tulle lace is heavenly.

(42) お人形さんを所有していますか? (Do you own a doll?)
Yep two BJDs

(43) ロリィタ時の鞄の中身は?(What is in your lolita bag?)
Normal purse stuff, plus saftey pins, a book, binoculars, connect four

(44) 好きな花は何ですか?(What is your favourite flower?)
Wisterias, sunflowers, poppies

(45) 今、一番のお気に入りアクセサリーはどんなもの?(Right now, what is your favourite accessory?)
Teacup hat

(46) お気に入り・お勧めの化粧品を教えて下さい。(Please reccommend us some cosmetics.)
Mango Butter!

(47) パッチリお目目はお人形さんの証! ということでつけまつ毛は使っていますか?(With Eye-tape your eyes look like a Doll's! What eyelashes will you wear?)
Eyetape itches horribly I prefer the glue. I like the individual type lashes for everyday wear.

(48) アイメイクの拘りをどうぞ。(Your eyemakeup for these eyelashes?)
I got a lovely pallate from sephora for the holidays that I love plus white eyeliner from rimmel

(49) 口紅は赤? 青? 黒? ピンク?(Red Lipstick? Blue? Black? Pink?)
Pink gloss or lip stain (avon brand is great)

(50) マニキュアは何色を使うことが多いですか? (Or which nail polish do you choose normally?)
Lilac with glitter

(51) 駅のトイレでコッソリ着替えたことありますか?(Have you ever changed in a train station bathroom?)
No there is only one train station in my town 

(52) 双子ロリ、三つ子ロリしたことありますか? 感想は?(What do you think of 'twinning' and 'triplet' lolitas?)
I have a fear of multiples

(53) 体型をキープ(もしくはダイエット)するためにどんなことをしていますか? お勧めは?(How do you keep in shape for lolita? Reccommend us something.)

(54) 独りでロリィタは平気ですか?(Do you keep calm when by yourself in Lolita?)
I don’t really notice other people’s reactions anymore

(55) 月々にかかるお洋服・小物代はどれくらいですか?(How much do you spend per month on clothes/accessories?)
Not much

(56) ロリィタファッションを知ってから、実際にするまでのタイムラグ・抵抗はありましたか?(Was there a time lag between you knowing about Lolita and dressing?)
A month or two

(57) 今まで買った中で一番高い物は?(ロリィタ関係で)(What is your most expensive Lolita item?)
Expensive to buy or current market price? Either way I’m a bargain shopper with expensive tastes.

(58) ロリィタって本当にお金かかりますよね。ロリィタ費用をどうやって捻出していますか?(It takes a lot of money to do Lolita. How do you save?)
I have a mix of handmade and brand, also I cook at home most of the time.

(59) ココだけでコッソリ。今までかけた総費用は大体いくら?(Just a little secret here...How much have you spent so far on Lolita, roughly?)
Ahhh….no clue

(60) 近くに出来て欲しいお店はありますか?(Is there a Brand you want near where you live?)
J et J their shop experience looks so lush and wonderful.

(61) ココだけの話、あそこはボッタクリやろ! と思う店はありますか?("Man, what a rip-off!!" Have you ever thought that about a store?)
Visible/Marble it’s all plasticy lace

(62) ネットショップは利用したことがありますか? ある方はその良い点・悪い点など、これからの方への助言をお願いします。(Do you shop online? If so, put the good & bad points here to advise others.)
I do most of my loli shopping online. Advice would be to be an educated consumer research is always your friend.

(63) ちょっと秘密にしときたいけれど、私だけにコッソリな個人 製作サイトさんを教えて下さい。(You can say if you want, but is there a Secret person/shop that you have ordered a dress solely for you from? [I guess commissioned/replicated])
Myself ;)

(64) 絶対に手が届かない〜! でも、滅茶苦茶欲しい! あのブランドのあの商品ありますか?("I can never have that/see that happening!! But I will always want it!!" Is there a brand you think this of?)
Alice Auua lovely but I would look silly in it

(65) 飽きちゃったお洋服はどうしますか?(What do you do with the clothes you don't want anymore?)
They just clog up my closet, lol

(66) 一番最近に買ったアイテムは?(ロリィタ以外でも)(What is your most recent purchase? [Even non-lolita])
Circle lenses

(67) もう二度と手に入らないだろうけれど、忘れられないものはありますか?(Is there an item which you love that you can't buy/seem to find?)
Innocent world’s deer print.

(68) ライヴなどの時だけロリィタの格好をすることをどう思いますか?(What do you think of people who only wear lolita to concerts?)
I think it’s a bit silly to spend so much energy/time/effort only to wear it only once and awhile, but whatever make you happy.

(69) すっぴんロリィタさんをどう思いますか?(what do you think of lolitas without makeup?)
For everday it’s fine, but makeup is a must for photoshoots/video

(70) アナタとまるっきり同じ格好のロリィタさんが! どうします?(Another lolita is wearing the same coordinate/clothes as you!! What do you do?)
Get a picture!

(71) ロリィタは何歳から何歳まで許されますか?(What age should you stop Lolita?)
When you start to rot away

(72) どういう状態になったら、ロリィタは卒業すべきと考えますか?(ずっと続けて良いも、アリです)(When do you think you should graduate from Lolita? And why?)
When you don’t love it.

(73) コレだけは止めてくれ! というロリィタファッション上の注意はありますか?("You should stop that!!!>_<;" What must you not do when dressing lolita?)
Things that might damage what your wearing.

(74) ロリィタとはこうあるべき! というような考えはありますか?(A lolita should be 'this'! What do you think that should be?)
Someone who creates her world, and dresses to please her heart (if only on weekends)

(75) 73以外で、ロリィタさんにコレはして欲しくない! ということがあったら、どうぞ。(Excluding #73, is there anything you should deffinately not do in lolita?)
Anything that you might get hurt doing because of your clothes (rock climbing or whatever)

(76) 男の方のロリィタファッションについてどう思いますか?(What do you think of men in Lolita?)
Nothing they are just people.

(77) ロリィタをして、それ以前から何か変わりました?(Did you change yourself for dressing lolita?)
I got bangs

(78) 周囲の人はアナタがロリィタをすることについて何と言っていますか? 受け入れてくれてますか?(What does your family and surrounding people think of you dressing lolita? And do you accept it?)
Most people are fine with it, my mm wishes I was gothic-er

(79) 真夏の暑い祭にアナタはどんなロリィタファッションをしますか?(How do you dress Lolita in the boiling mid-summer?)
I’m always cold so loli in the summer is never a problem.

(80) 学校・職場などにロリィタで行っていますか?(have you gone to School or Work in lolita?)

(81) 普段の服装の系統は?(How do you dress normally?)
Lolita :)

(82) 中古品に対する抵抗はありますか?(Do you think twice about buying second-hand clothes?)

(83) 彼(or 夫)はいますか? また、理解はありますか? (Do you have a boyfriend? [or husband?] Does he understand Lolita?)

(84) 理想の男性像を教えて下さい。(Please tell us your ideal man.)
No clue

(85) 今まであった中で一番印象に残ってるロリィタさんはどんな人?(What Lolita has left a big, shiny impression on you so far?)
Tian_shi, because she always looks impecable.

(86) 自分で服を作ったことがありますか? それはどんな服?(Have you made your own clothes? What are they like?)
Yes lots!

(87) 自分で小物を作ったことがありますか? 何を作りましたか?(Have you made your own accessories? What did you make?)
Yep yep

(88) 今まででの自作アイテムでコレは大成功! というものはありますか?(The best item you have made! What is it?)
I really love the white chiffon dress I made for a fashion show.

(89) 理想のロリィタ服やコーディネートがあれば、語って下さい。(Please say your most perfect Lolita coordination you wear.)
That changes

(90) 憧れの方はいますか? どんな人ですか?(Do you admire someone? What are they like?)
Caterina Sforza

(91) 1日大好きなあの人とデートが出来ることになりました。相手も自分の好きな格好をして来てくれます。(One day I will go on a date with that person. What would you like to wear for him?)
No clue, I would wear something they might like ??

(92) アナタが将来お店を開くとしたら、どんなお店を持ちたいですか?(If you want one, what type of store would you open in the future?)
Moblie crepe shop!

(93) ついついコレに目が行っちゃうのよね〜。というモチーフはありますか?(Your eyes get attracted inadvertantly to something. What is this motif?)
Keys and tea cups

(94) 自分の子供もロリィタにしたいと思いますか?(Would you dress your child in Lolita?)
Don’t have any don’t want any. But I have gifted lolita type clothes to kiddos.

(95) 一着のロリ服にいくらまでかけられますか?(How much do you spend on one outfit?)
As much as it takes to look perfect

(96) これぞロリィタ! という仕種があれば、教えて下さい。("This is Lolita!!" Please say what you would say this about.)

(97) 一度でいいから着てみたい! ロリィタ以外でそんな格好ありますか?("I have always wanted to try that once!" What, in the Lolita world, have you wanted to try wearing?)
Cage skirt

(98) 自分のロリィタを見て、一言で表すとしたらどんな言葉だと思いますか?(Look at you in Lolita. In one word/phrase, how would you express your style/image?)
Doll like

(99) アナタの理想のロリィタ像とは?(What is your ideal of Lolita?)
I’ll tell you when I become one :)

(100) 大変お疲れ様でした! 100答えてみての感想をどうぞ! (Thank you for taking this Baton!! Please state your thoughts on it!)
I’m kinda late to the game with this meme XD