Wednesday, April 29

A modest start at decorating and a flowering heart tutorial

I've had a slow start to decorating our new place. Luckily we had most of the furniture we needed and now it's just adding touches that will bring it all together.

Overall it will hopefully (fingers super crossed) end up with a blue, cream, and floral theme throughout the house (with more pink in the bedroom). I want something that compliments the lolita aesthetic but isn't so over the top, except the bedroom I've been given free reign to go as OTT as I want in there!

Starting on the living room I made this heart decoration to hang along side a cork board over my sewing area.

It's really easy to make! And can be in any color scheme to fit your decor.
You will need:
Box cutter
Hot glue/glue gun
Fake flowers

I based mine out of cardboard, it's lightweight and fairly durable. Having the whole project be light is great if you can't put holes in your walls or don't want to hang it over a stud.

Start by marking out your heart. I eyeballed it but if you want to be exact printing out a heart would be simple.

All cut out and marked for the center.

And the finished form. This would be cute with letters (maybe your initials or a short word)

A selection of fake flowers. I pick mid range ones in terms of quality. Don't go for the super nice ones made of velvet unless you are dedicated to dusting because they can be a bear to clean. I found it easiest to trim most of the stem off so they are able to be positioned flat or at an angle.

Slowly applying them with hot glue. You could use an epoxy or a slow drying glue like e6000 but hot glue works fine and gives quick results.

On the back glue a loop.

And you're done! Overall this took a little under an hour, so a good project for an evening or a rainy  day.

Hopefully I will have some full room shots soon :) Also upcoming my attempts to make a billion flavors of macarons and a few new sewing projects and purchases. 

Hope your having a wonderful week.I will leave you with an outfit snap of mine from Easter. I love that spring is finally making an appearance.