Saturday, October 15

Outfit post-

Hi :)
I spent my summer locked (really! motion sensors and passcodes everywhere) in the basement of a museum for an internship. Sooo much less dressing up and no blogging :(

I tried to get a few makeup shots on my non-lolita days...this was the only one I managed

Overall I've found my style drifting this summer/fall, much more 'street style' with lolita influences than straight up loli. I rarely post to lolita comms so I don't really mind. I do think I will work to tighten up my coords and evolution of my closet this winter...hopefully.

On to the outfits

Casual classic, the skirt has a textured velvet pattern.

Bolero creep :o Went to a rugby game and celtic festival.

Pale dolly-kei-esque. I used this dress in my very first '1 item many ways' happy to get another look out of it. my first try at mixing white and creme, I wanted a nomadic look.

Simple coord, 'kimono' printed dress

Retro feel

I added a cage skirt over the red underskirt at the venue. I rarely get the chance to do something so dramatic.

Summer here can be quite warm. Sorry unbuckled shoes

Who ever thought to make reversible vests? they don't flatter and sag constantly :/

I'm not big on animal prints but little touches of them are winning me over :)

salopettes and poodle print socks :)

The print for this skirt is inspired by the scene in Snow White were the queen dips the apples in poison. The poison dripping off the apples is glitter!
I went shopping with my mother, about halfway through the day she noticed the mushrooms on my head :D

Just a drapey outfit, I think it would look better with sleeves but it was too hot that time.

pop retro

Bone bruise :( Anyway cute crutches almost make up for having to use them.

I saw this cute picture of the little twin stars grown up and it inspired this coord. Very comfy

Apples otome.

I really love this teal color :) Ran into another loli on campus, what a fun surprise.

Floaty fabrics and pale blues. I've really favored these socks since I got them but they are starting to sag :/

More retro, this dress is made with vintage fabric

Going for the sort of otome x mori look of brands like Axes Femme.

I helped out with an office party on campus with a children's book theme. I did all the decorating and food!

ended up being called strawberry shortcake so many times

I even found a minute to sit and eat complete junkfood :) The starbursts were 'super powers' guests pinned to themselves to become superheros. It was a boring Tuesday office party.... silly games were a necessity :D

Only webcam shots of this outfit :( I really love it so I'll have to wear it again.

Yellow jsk with little stars and moon print and pink blouse.

Finally coming up on fuzzy accessory season :) pink sock with yellow print, white boots.

Thanks for looking :D

I hope to film a few more wig/hair tutorials this week. Including doing a cute heart shaped braid!