Tuesday, February 17

Mini Meetup report

I hosted my a meet up this past weekend for Valentines Day with the Lolitas of New Mexico (check out the group on facebook if your a local!). We went to brunch at Flying Star Cafe, which was refreshingly not too busy for a Sunday brunch. Sadly I don't have any shots of the group all together, it was a casual meet so not everyone wore lolita. It was great to have the chance to meet more local people especially after being in hibernation mode for so long.

I got a fruit tart and hot cocoa

My current nails set. I'm still learning so they are a little wonky but getting better.

Outfit collage. 

I recently got a new pack of eyelashes and wanted to try updating my makeup look. I went for a more natural eye shape because the lashes are not as dramatic and peach waterlining. Little tip: if you are tan skinned using peach in place of white liner looks more natural.

lastly a full body shot. My kitten Maisy loves to edge in on pictures. My shoes are pink but they seem to blend in very much with my socks.
Blouse: vintage
Cardi: offbrand
Skirt AP cosmetics print
Socks: sock dreams
Shoes: altered offbrand

In other news I just moved! As you can see it has adorable blue detailing and I hope to report back on decorating it in a cute style.