Friday, January 23


Super duper long time no post! Lolita and J-fashion has been on the back burner for the past few years for me but I’m really excited to start blogging again (and maybe even making more youtube videos, I have a much better camera now).

First post back? Roomwear!

I’ve been pretty ill the last few years (long story short my autonomic system hates me) and spending so much time in bed and at home has made me appreciate roomwear a million times more.

Up until recently I never really cared about roomwear, sure it was cute but I never saw the need to own much. Now I’m in love. Soft comfortable cute clothes that make you feel adorable even if you aren’t going to do more than lay in bed and marathon netflix.

Anyways here is my growing collection! Very focused on winter warmth right now. When spring comes I want to add some cute short sleeved nighties like in ‘A little princess’ and the ones the felicity and kirsten american girls dolls had (I was majorly obsessed with AG dolls when I was little).

Bloomers, pastel sweaters, and a bear ear jacket i made from the softest throw blanket ever.
Strawberry cutsew with fleecey bloomers and a sailor collar loose jsk
'Bunnies and undies' printed fleece pj pants and mint sweater
Two 'fancy' vintage nightgowns. I don't wear these very often but they are quite fun.

Strawberry and bear shorts salopettes

More vintage. 

And a last little lace detail.

Very glad to be back posting :)
Hope your week is going fantastic!