Friday, December 31

A few outfits and BJD picture

I made a D_L post here:
so I'll just most a couple of pics plus non-loli ones

A little otome outfit from x-mas eve, my mother dragged me out shopping :/
Pale dolly kei (fake fur)

i have an ever growing love of all things cardsuit!

What I wore today, I was planning on wearing the dress you can see hanging to the right but it is way to cold for so few layers. This was nice and warm with the cape and multiple petticoats.
I love rococo inspired outfits so i decided to try a little earlier in history with a burgundian inspired one :)

A demonstration of my amazing posing skills ;)

*thought I should add a doll warning incase anyone is phobic :)*

I made my doll a new oufit, she's a volks syo on a diffrent company body. It turned out very mori, I want a bigger copy for myself now ;D

Hope you all are having a safe and wonderfull New Years!

Friday, December 24

Coordinate Practice: Boystyle

A real challange for me on this one :D I never really wear boystyle so these knickerbockers have been hanging in my closet forlorn (last time I wore them was in 2008?)

I felt these outfits have more of a backstory, I had more of a personality in mind of who would wear them and why.

Cardsuit prince pants:

Duchess in disguise
-red jacket
-bow necklace
-t-starp shoes
-white blouse
-black hat
-grey tights
Still feminine and classy but more playful. Like a royal escaping the palace to fight a duel :)
Hair: Loose low bun with a few wispy face framing layers
Makeup: Light golden eye strong lip

Riding party
A swallow tail jacket and lace-up shoes give this a more masculine feel.
-Black jacket
-white blouse
-Black shoes
-Bow belt
-Eggshell tights
-black or white hat (which ever suits ones hair color better)
Hair: Low ponytail with ribbon tie
makeup: Natural eye/cheeks light berry lips

Princess in hiding
A totally girly take on pants. The ruffled blouse and touches of pink keep this princess from being mistaken for the boy she's pretending to be ;)
-White blouse
-Snow dot tights
-white heels
-Sweet pink necklace
-Black bow purse
-hair flowers and bows

Dapper school days
texture plays heavily in this oufit along with the fall colors. The larger jacket gives a cute appeance making the wearer look smaller and it's warm :)
-Cream blouse
-Fawn jacket
-Cream otk socks
-Brown shoes
-brown bag
Hair: Pin curls maybe with an oak leaf tucked behind the ear
Makeup: Peach cheeks, brown eyeliner, glossed lips

Holiday Hansel
A cosy themed oufit. Switching the sock for less holiday related could make it year round.
-Red fur cape
-White blouse
-Candy cane socks
-Black shoes
Hair; Short pixie with dusting of glitter
Makeup: Pale pink blushed cheeks

Playful Panda
This is a very casual variation, playing only in the color palette of the shorts.
-Panda top
-Red OTK socks
-Black wedges
-Strawberry bracelet
-Red hair bow
Hair: high curly buns
Makeup: heavy mascara, pink glossed lip

Gothic adventure
A bit more detailed ;) Diffrent jewelry peices at diffrent levels brakeup the mostly blackness of this coord.
-Black jacket
-Black blouse
-Black veiled hat
-Black purse
-black lace tights
-Black heels
-Peacock hair stick
-Black pearl waistchain w/ pomegranate
-Resin rose and bead necklace
Hair: Half the hair up in curls pouring down one side.
Makeup: smokey eye, gold shimmer cheeks, wine gloss.

Overall i felt a little unispired with these, I think I stayed too safe using mainly only the three colors in the shorts. This may get a revisit in the future ;) Personally I would wear the panda coord most!
Hope you all are having a lovely and restful holiday break :D

Thursday, December 16

Wig review

I bought this wig on ebay for a grand total of 11.00 usd, I really wasn't expecting much but I wanted to try a totally blonde wig.

I won the auction for around $1 +1o.oo shipping, They shipped the day after I payed and it arrived 5 days from when it was shipped (pretty awesome for the holiday season). The seller doesn't have very many wigs for sale, I wonder if they buy deadstock or factory left overs??

It's listed as half monofilament half kanekalon. It's extremely soft I had to resist the urge to keep patting my head ;) It has barely any shine, really only in bright indoor lighting and flash.

It came in a bag with cardboard collar and in a wig net and inside tissue paper to keep it's shape. It shipped in a tyvek(-esque) bag. Not really worried about any damage during travel it seemed very well packed.
Out of the package, you can see it has a bit more shine when under harsh indoor lighting. There are a nice mixture of thin and thick section curls.

Mirror shot. Sorry I left my glasses on for all of these :/ and am in my pjs (rugby jersey)

with headband bow, the fibers are a bit slippy so headbands might need to be secured with hairpins.

The wig has a skin top and no wefts are visible when worn unstyled.

Here it is lightly styled (front left down back, back twisted up and secured at the top), it styles easily and pins through the cap very nicely.

And here is the back of the style, some of the weft lines become visible but with more care in styling this could be minimized but high or tight ponytails wouldn't be possible.

Overall it's quite good quality for the price, but I wouldn't recommend it for those outside the USA because shipping price gets quite high and you could easily pick up a wig of comparible quality (or better)from taobao for the same price.
I'm very happy with the wig and with their customer service, they sent a happy holidays card and a 10% off my next order code (from their website I might buy another to try and dye, because I've always wanted a mint wig (most green wigs are much to bright) and I won't feel to bad if I ruin a $11.00 wig ;)

Wednesday, December 15

bits and bobs -outfits and fun links

Happy wednesday (or thursday)
Just a little post with a few fun links, I'm sure you've seen at least some of them before XD

Places for cute photos/lolitas/mori/etc.
^ there are blog rankings for many diffrent styles, including lolita (sweet, classic, and goth), girly/otome, mori and a tom more. It's a great way to find a bunch of japanese blogs.
^ full of great clear photoshoots, there is a lolita catagory and brand ones also. I belive you need an account to view some things, it's free and available to non-jp users :)
^ message boards/disscusions, pictures, events. There is navigation in english for a lot of the pages but the userbase is primarily japanese so conversation is mostly in japanese. You need an account to view photos and disscusions, it's free and available to non-jp users.

I love this blog about historical foods!
^ this entry is all about sandwiches and food on the go (1800s style). The ginger/orange and pear mint sandwiches would be lovely for a meetup :D

And a few recent outfits (I got a huge mirror so I'm trying to take outfit snaps more often)
simply make-up, my hair isn't really green on top I think the lighting is funky :/
Holiday hello kitty

Classic in white/wine. I love bustle skirts in winter extra skirts to keep warm!

Holiday party. i loved the marching band type detail on AP's holy night story but was not a big fan of the print so i added it to this dress. I was lucky to have pink velvet in my fabric stash that matched the skirt fabric :)

Monday, December 13

Coordinate practice -one skirt/seven ways

This one way a lot of fun, I went to sleep last night thinking of all the ways to coordinate this skirt :)
The skirt is a deep purple with a gold unicorn and shield with vines. It's handmade but you could easily use a brand piece like any of the amazing JetJ gold/velvet skirts.

Gothic light
-black vest
-black shirt
-black coat (this has much more shape on a person)
-black lace tights
-black heels
-resin rose necklace
-black purse with gold pouch
-peacock feather hair stick
-flat gold and black bow
-crown clip

Lots of black with touches of the purple throughout (hair clip, necklace, skirt). I think a jabot ot a more detailed blouse would make this coord better and give it more impact.
Makeup: Simple eyes with feather or dramatic lashes, shimmer pale blush, berry lips
Hair: choconyan style looped pigtails with eartails and bangs heavily curled

-pink cutsew
-pink cardigan
-pink tights
-pink shoes
-hat with ribbon ties
-choco love necklace
-round strw purse

I think this is a bit more of an ETC inspired sweet coord. Swapping the tights and shoes for cute sandals would make it perfect for summer heat.
Makeup: Fresh pale pink tones
Hair: low curled ponytails or pin curls

Everyday (not lolita)
-striped cutsew
-nude flats
-banana necklace

Very simple and wearable, I really love when items cross styles. Still feminine and fun but won't get too many stares.
Makeup: Copper/brown eye (light application), soft peach cheeks, glossed lips
Hair: simple loose waves

The academy
-grey blazer
-cream undershirt
-grey tights
-brown heels
-birds nest hairclip
-crown clip
-alice photo frame waist chain
-lavender necklace

Pleats always remind me of uniforms :) The use of grey with jewel tones makes them appear richer and give them more emphasis. A long sleeve blazer and a higher neck blouse could make this more winter apporpriate.
makeup: smokey eye, light berry blush, berry glossed lip
Hair: low 'messy' side bun

Be my dolly kei
-cream blouse
-tapestry corset
-cream lace skirt
-cream shawl
-chain belt
-fake fur
-green socks
-brown boots
-kuchi pendant
-green necklace
-cream hat
-shell hair stick
-box purse with key

I'm quite excited how lovely this turned out, I'm not well versed in dolly-kei style. The brown from the boots is carried up to the fur collar and the cream is spread both up and down with the hat and underskirt.
Makeup: purple/copper eyes, peach blush, wine or nude lips
Hair: braid headband with curls swept to one side

Double cream classic
-cream blouse
-purple cape
-cream otk socks
-brown flats
-pearl headband
-pearl and shell bracelet

A very minimal coord with only two main colors. A simple delicate outfit like this would be a great offset for an awesome bag (maybe a mary poppins-esqe carpet bag).
Makeup: simple light eye, coral blush, pale lip
Hair: straight with bangs or two fishtail braids with ribbons

Vive la reine
-green robe a l'anglaise (18th century dress with fitted back)
-green otk socks
-brown heels
-brown hat with feather
-purple flower
-rhinestone necklace
-violin case

The green dress is ankle length just gathered to appear shorter. This is very hime in more of a historical way and very ott in a not very sweet way. The kind of outfit for a photoshoot or meetup not super practical for everyday.
Makeup: gold eyes, over blushed cheeks, pink glossed lip with a touch of shimmer
Hair: curls pinned up to spill down one side (with the hat tilted to the other)

I really like the range this skirt has, much more than I even expected :D This experiment is really helpful in using my lolita clothes in new ways and also in realizing the holes that need to be filled (i.e. black blouses). Sorry about the lighting changes, it started to get dark about half way through :/

Thursday, December 9

Tuesday, December 7

Coordinate practice-white dress 6 ways

So totally inspired by Sari Mari's ( gyaru one item 7 ways post, I decided to challange my self :) I love that she does them with things she already has vs. using polyvore. Polyvore is nice for like dream coords or planning purchases but for me it seems to lead to wanting new this to complete an outfit vs. using and appreciating what I already have.

I started with a plain white chiffon dress

#1 chef lolita ;)
-mini chef hat
-white socks

simple shiro outfit, that I have actually worn before for a fashion show. The hat I would most likely only wear for photos or events it seems a bit to silly for everyday wear (for me). Wearing a blouse under would make it perfect for cooler months. I must admit I have have a place in my heart for super simple coords they are perfect for mornings when your in a hurry :p

-wine jacket
-wine belt with crown
-gold necklace
-white heels
-snow dot tights
A bit more mature with the inclusion on wine tones and a lightly structured jacket. For hair maybe an updo with curls spilling to one side with a white flower corsage.

Winter pink
-pink bolero
-pink underskirt
-snow dot tights
-lace wristcuffs
-pearl headband with pink bow
-white boots with sweets chain
I love layering skirts under dresses then gathering the overdress to create a bustle. When really wearing this I might switch the bustle to the back. I like that this is detailed and pink yet not too OTT (well any lolita is OTT for most people). Simple curled hair would look good with light glitter makeup. This could easily go hime by switching the boots for flowered heels and adding a tiara with hime bump hair.

-military jacket
-lace socks
-military hat
This is another outfit I might skip the hat for everyday wear and maybe go with big odangos/buns with small bows or clips. I think fun hair and fresh but striking makeup would make the whole look shine. Adding too many bits and bobs would take too much away from the frilly/military interplay.

A bit deco/fairy
-blue cardi (with detachable sleeves)
-pearl chain
-multiple candy pins
-multiple bows
-lace wristcuffs
-one pink shoe one blue
-white shoe bows
-white socks
I think the right hair and makeup could make this fully OTT and maybe adding pink lace gloves instead of the sleeves, moving the wristcuffs to the ankle and more colorful socks. But I like this version :) Adding the detachable bows to the skirt of the dress makes the colors more evenly spread throughout the outfit and keeps it from being an overly marshmallow-y skirt blob.
Panda and pancakes :P
-panda hat
-black vest
-bow socks
-pancake necklace
-black wedge shoes
Last one, a bit silly but fun and casual. Switching the hat to a bow or solid color hat would make it less silly. The whole coord is a diffrent take on BxW using white as the background with black just accenting. Fresh pink or peach tone makeup (heavy on the blush) and pigtails would make this cute and youthful.

I didn't add purses or much jewelry :( I forgot as I was taking the photos oh well next time I will make sure to include them. Also in winter jackets can totally change or cover an outfit so I focused only on outfits without jacket parts.

That was fun now that I've planned these out I want wear them all :) It definitely opened me to new ways to wear this op. Next time I'm going to try something a bit harder (white goes with everything right ;p).