Sunday, June 26

Summer ILD 2016!

This year I hosted a meet up for my local comm for international lolita day. We went to the aquarium and botanic gardens. It was lovely because everything was in bloom but it was on the warmer side, luckily not as warm as it is now (last week topped 100 most days ). This is actually the first time in ten years of wearing lolita that I did something special on ILD.

Our comm is really tiny but all the members are sweet. Sorry I'm not including any pics of the other members but I haven't asked for their permission to post. If you are in the Albuquerque area (or are visiting) please check our community out on FB, we are Lolitas of New Mexico

 Sadly all the cherry blossoms were gone from the Japanese gardens but there were lots of other things growing and several little bunnies running around.

 I thought this sign was great. The insect house had a display of leaf cutter ants that went above our heads from tree to tree.
 If you look super close you can see the ants carrying their leafs along the branch

 The fairytale garden is the cutest part of the gardens. They have giant versions of everything in a garden including a giant pumpkin you can walk inside.
 The glowing jellyfish room. The jellys were in a giant tube, if you look hard you can see the silhouette of another lolita on the other side.

 My little gift shop purchase. Now I feel compelled to get a sea themed dress to pair with it!
 My outfit shot in the fairytale garden. I really want giant seed packets to decorate my yard with. Sorry I look totally bleh in the photo, I of course forgot to snag a picture before we walked about and got sweaty.
And a quick snap of after the meet when I realized I didn't have any proper outfit shots. It rained about 45 minutes after the meet ended good timing for us!
 Hair and makeup. I trimmed the wig to have softer face framing pieces it works much better to soften my face i think.

And nail set. I've working to keep my nails cuter because even if I don't feel up to getting fancy it can be a bit of cute in my life :) This set is acrylic with 3d designs in pink, lilac, and white with a hearts and candy theme.

How was your ILD? Hope your having a wonderful weekend!