Wednesday, March 2

Loli reactions bingo

We all know when you go out dressed in lolita (really any out of the ordinary style) you get odd, funny and sometimes rude comments. So I decided to make a bingo card of some of the most common and sometimes annoying reactions :)

The third row third down has the wrong 'where' , eh that what you get when you spend so much talking about clothes ;p

The first colomn has names/people lolitas often get compeared to, second colomn has actions, third has nice things :), forth is event type questions, and the last are the most annoying.

I had fun doodling this little chart and it's nice to look at on days I feel more self conscious about going out all dressed up.

I've got a big dance performance this weekend so the next 'coord practice' post will be up Sunday. I'm off to chain myself to the sewing machine to finish my costume ;p

Hope your week is going lovely!