Sunday, August 9

Last month I went out to our local natural history museum, they have a free day once a month and it's a nice way to spend a morning. I remember coming to the museum nearly every school year I went to  public school here. 

simple more otome leaning OOTD. 
I had just received these shoes so I had to give them a test run. And I realized that most of my purses didn't make in the move with me and must be in some box or another at my mothers house. So my daily pink bow purse had to be a stand in until I feel up for searching for them.

This was a great exhibit! they had all the hats and accessorizes made of bird in cabinets and drawers you could open and all in a wood paneled 'room'.

A cute bird of paradise.

And my sweets obsession recently Cookies! So many cookies. These are snickerdoodles I've been working on, i almost have the recipe perfect for high altitude.

Hope your week is going lovely!

Next up Demeter perfumes and my rambling about coordinating outfits and scents