Saturday, January 29

Twin tail wigs series: Double buns

Here's the first video! A quick cute double bun style :)

Wig preview video

Starting a little series based on styling twin tail/claw clip ponytail wigs. The first full tutorial will be up later tonight :) Please excuse the fact that I recorded a few of these in my roomwear ;p

Hope your all having a great weekend :)

Tuesday, January 25

Sweets and daily outfits

Strwaberry choco, jelly straws and pink kiwi iced lollipops! The lolli's are made with candy molds filled with fruit and sugar syrup flavored orange :)

Outfits from the last few weeks, a bit boring overall :\ after all the energy of holiday time I've been dressing a bit plainer.
Mint casual, something soft and sweet for running errands ^v^

otome-ish. I love this print it has paisley cards allover it :D my foster cat Aphra in the background.

End of the day picture XD my petti had fluff migration!

I love my gold heart bag it matches this jacket wonderfully.

I wanted a floaty casual look. Funniest comment of the day 'hey ballerina' :p , also I a got to ride in an Audi R8, I felt like I was on Top Gear :D
Hope your all have a lovely week!

Sunday, January 23

Coordinate practice: Dear Gray Dress

Happy Sunday :)

This time I choose to do coordinate practice with a dress I just finished. My last gasp of winter feeling :D hoping it will start feeling spring like (I live in the USA southwest so it's already like 50 degrees).

The gray and black of this dress play as neutrals and makes it open to lots of coordination options. Too many really XD I had to cut a few of my less favorites. This dress also has detachable pin back bows and waist ribbon so those provide a great way to suit the dress to whatever other items are in the outfit.

Licorice Stroll
Simple perfect for the first days of warmth. I think I would swap the plainer shoes for ruffley maryjanes.
-Black bolero
-Black flower purse
-Hat with velvet bow
-Black socks
-Black shoes
Makeup: Light eye, dewey shimmer cheek, glossed lip
Hair: Low lightly curled ponytails

Pinkberry Forest
Softing the darker pallete of the dress with pinkness and fluffy texture :)
-Pink fur beret
-Pink cardigan
-Pink tights
-Present Purse with cake charm
-Ruffle flats
-strawberry bracelet
-Storybook necklace
Makeup: Soft eye in brown, blushed cheek, glitter glossed lip.
Hair: Pin curls

Otome Glitterbug
Playful and casual with a sparkle of color.
-Striped turtleneck
-Black purse (might swap for a cream one :\)
-Purple glitter ruffle flats
-Cream tights
-Black hat
-tart necklace
Makeup: Soft shimmer green eye, light peach blush, berry lip.
Hair: fluffy bob

Minty Meadow
The combo of soft color and simple design lets the texture of the JSK come out. Sorry this one kind of blends with the background.
-Mint blouse
-Mint socks
-Black shoes
-Mint and black bows
-Mint candy bracelet (which rolled out of shot ;p)
Hair: High odango bun, or twin tail wig
Makeup: Soft winged eyeliner with big lashes, Light silver/rose blush, glossed lip

Rosey maiden
Black dominates this coord with touches of pink and red to give it a playful elegance.
-Black cutsew
-Black velvet cape
-Cardsuit tights
-Black Hat
-Black wedges with red clips
-Pearl sweets bracelet
Makeup: Light smokey eye w/ pink on the brow bone, pale pink cheek, matte lip.
Hair: Ribbon laced long braids

Frosted Forest
playing up the gray! And with the brimless hat and heels gives off a more mature touch.
_Black turtleneck
-Grey tights
-petrol pearls
-Silver bangle
-Black t-strap heels
Makeup: Smokery eye with silver liner, deep berry lip
Hair: Low off to the side messy bun

Deer Fairytail
An oldschool look, with a simple color palette it gives off a neat and polished look easily.
-White blouse
-White headress
-Crisscross socks
-Bow purse
-Ruffle flats
Makeup: natural with heavily blushed cheeks
Hair: soft waves, or glossy straight.

Animal Soirre
A fun non loli way to dress up. Blouseless and sockless make this JSK a fun quirky party dress.
-Wine ribbon bow
-Peep toe heels
-Bow purse
-Bow/ pearl clip
-Feather clip

Playground Vaction
Fun, bright, a little silly and casual. Covering the top of a dress is a great way to change the mood of a coord.
-Yellow sweater
-grey neckwarmer
-Snow dot tights
-Snow dot scarf
-Grey brown Boots
-Yellow headband
-brown bag
Makeup: Light eye, peach cheek, candy pink lip
Hair: Teased ponytails

I'm pretty happy with these :) but I didn't end up with anything very gothic toned. Overall this JSK tends to make be think of gretel and sleepy little cottages in the woods.
Spoiler on my next wig styling: Twin tail/claw clip ponytail wigs! and how to style them in new ways ;D It should be up late this week.

Wednesday, January 19

Hime wig tutorial and photos

Here is the full tutorial in two parts :)

And a 360 of the finished styled wig.

The style on me ;)

and the full outfit, inspired by a dress in Sophia Coppala's Marie A. (the one where she runs down the hall of mirrors).

Tuesday, January 18

New wig styling preview video

A bit more hime this time :D

The styled wig with rhinestone headband

Items used

And the wig I'm wearing on a head form.

Saturday, January 15

In the Frillitary: A photoshoot

I thought I'd share a photoshoot I did last year. I got a surprise this fall when photos from this shoot (taken by a diffrent photog than these) were featured in an arts magazine, even the cover XD. This isn't lolita at all, but I do wear the dress in lolita coordinates (with a blouse of course).

This was all organized by a local photography group, they are lovely and I've had the chance to have photos taken in some amazing locations, including an abandoned local jail (one where one of the deadliest prison revolt occured, it's said to be haunted!).

My hair hated me after this shoot, it's pin curled then backcombed within an inch of it's life ;0

I got to play around lots of fun tanks and such. Even the photographers had to climb around and contort themselves ;p

Everything outside was burning hot though :(

Hope you all having a lovely (holiday if your in the US) weekend!

Wednesday, January 12

Book review and mini project

"Is any toy more coquettish than the fan?" Uzanne, L'Eventail, 1882.

I checked out a cute little book about fans :)

The Fan by Valerie Steel (ISBN 0847824462), she has an impressive bio of fashion publication (I would link you to her webpage but her page has viruses). The book pictured with my flag fan (an early western type of fan often seen in Italian portaits) and dance fan (pink one).

This is really a gorgeous book full of color images of fans from all diffrent times and places, along with descriptions of the materials used to construct them. But the commentary is quite short and lacking, I felt that many intresting and prominent facts were left out :\ A history of fans is outlined and many intersting quotes are included along with a few 'fan language' guides. It is a lovely quick read and worth checking out from your local library (or resquesting your lib. to interlibrary loan it for you).

It inspired me to try painting my own fan! I'm no artist so it truned out no where near as lovely as those in the book ;p I painted a sea and sky scene with little silver star sequins.

A fan decorating craft meet-up would be very cute. Blank craft fans can be bought from craft stores and in larger quantities from places like oriental trading company. :)

Sweets deco and painted fan.

The fan maker Pierre Duvelleroy lists: Holding a fan in the right hand in front of the face as signaling-follow me :P
Me with a fan from a fashion show last year :D I was soo hot in the backstage area and very grateful for my fan! My boat is tilting :o

Monday, January 10

Closet Reorganization: Pt.1

A small start on reorganizing my closet :)
The new egl theme has been pretty inspiring, so I'm working on redoing my closet spaces. First up was moving my historical costume out of my actual closet. I used a small part of my loft and changed it into a mini time warp :P

All partitioned off so the sun won't damage them.
Hooks along the wall for my pocket hoops, farthingale, bum roll, and petticoats/underskirts. And the boxes and bag contain old military uniforms and retro stuff.

They look so deflated when just hanging on a hanger :\ Each peg has two or three dresses on it.

Most of my costumes are hand stitched with period technique (crazy i know) so its still a pretty small collection. The dresses I have range from 1536 (the red/gold one based on a dress of isabella of portugal) to the regency (pale bule w/embroidery) but my favorite period has to be the mid 18th century.
In the future I would love to get a small garment rack for up there, but for right know I'm super glad to have a lot of freed space :D
Hopefully there will be another post on my finished (and properly organized) closet in the near future!

Hope you week is starting out lovely :)

Monday, January 3

Mori-esque Wig style tutorial

Here is the full tutorial :)
I'm not too comfortable in front of the camera and this was the third take so I repeat myself a few times.

Sunday, January 2

Coord practice + a video

This time I choose an item I wear a lot but most often with a white blouse, white socks and brown shoes. Pretty boring after awhile :\

Peach flower JSK:

Simply summery
A fairly non-lolita coord but perfect for a garden party in hot weather
-chiffon dot scarf
-white hat
-white sandals
-white beaded purse
Hair: loose beachy waves
makeup: natural eyes, shimmer bronze cheek, pink lip

Cinnamon tea time
Foresty yet formal, the smaller structured collar and heels add a touch of elegance while still being playful.
-cream blouse
-tan cardi
-cream tights
-brown heels
-heart cookie bracelet
-cream floral hat
Hair: Two loose buns at the nape of the neck
Makeup: brown eyes, light carrot blush, shimmer gloss

Winter Maiden
This started out with just the white as an accent color but I think the wine tones add a wintery touch and provide a striking counterpoint.
-white turtleneck
-white boots
-wine belt
-wine and pearl shoe clip
-snow dot tights
-wine clutch
-resin rose necklace
-flower hairclip
-crown hairclip
Hair: French twist with side swept bangs
Makeup: light smokey eye, pale shimmer cheeks, berry lip

Rapunsel Hime
Adding the gold aspects in this coord brings out the warmness in the pale peachy jsk. I think the use of a unusual hair piece makes this fun and whimsical.
-pink bolero
-gold underskirt
-pink tights
-pink shoes
-pink bow
-gold and pearl hair rope (lol)
-body glitter
Hair: Hair rope braided into long braid (with the hair), or for short hair twisted twice like a circlet with the tassles handing down the back.
Make up: shimmer eye, pale pink cheek

Palyful Garden
Sweet and fun without using the normal sweet loli colors.
-lavender cardi
-snow dot tights
-lavender leg wrap (tied about the leg in a criss-cross)
-lavender head bow
-white shoes
-waffle berry necklace
-candy pin
Hair: double high ponytails, lightly curled
Makeup: natural eye, berry blushed cheek, glossed lip

Teddy bear stroll
a light play on textures, inspired by my oldest teddy :)
-white blouse
-white bolero
-white popcorn texture socks
-wicker purse
-brown boots
-cookie necklace
-wrist cuffs
Hair: two braids
Makeup: Brown eyeliner, rose shadow, matte rose lip

Mori symphony
A play in layers and texture, all in the light cream, pink and peach tones. Sorry there is a extra shoe in the photo.
-pink underskirt
-pink long vest
-cream apron
-cream shawl
-cream otk socks
-cream boots
-large flower pin
-basket purse
-cream blouse
-wig with flowers, birdsnest, and tea lace
Hair: See video at the end of the post :D
makeup: Peach blushed cheek

Over all I really like most of these outfits :) Even with a limited color pallet I think many degrees of formalness and sweetness can be achived, i also like that it can be used in a very casual manner as well as bring a more OTT feel.
Another point I like is the use of convertable pieces, the lavender leg cross ties add the look of patterned tights, the bustling of the skirt to revel an accent skirt, the layering of a blouse over the jsk to create the look of a skirt, i like diversifing my closet in these ways beacuse you end up getting lost of use from a few peices


Last but not least, I bring you my first video (lol that sounded a bit pompus)
I made a tutorial to style a wig (or create the same with your own hair)

here is a little teaser/intro I will post the full one video tomorrow :)
I'm getting over a cold so please excuse the cough and slightly froggy voice.
*I'm not a professional hairstylist just having fun, please take all my advice with a grain of salt*