Thursday, April 22

I really am not very good at taking mirror shots, but I like this one because the flash sorta looks like butterfly wings lol :) Pretty henna I did on myself
and piano nail polish

I had the chance to henna at the local uni international fest. And managed to cut my finger really bad the night before, like 5 hours in the ER bad.

Me all loli-ed up and scrunched over hennaing I had like a line 10 people long the whole time.

Now just some simple OOTDs
I love old school black and white I feel so cliche when I wear it but I think I've watched to much kamikaze girls because I just love momoko in her bxw cord. Plus there are like no lolitas where I live so no one thinks it super ita or anything.

A little emikyu style, I love this fabric it has donuts and breakfast type things on it. Worn with my honey dipper necklace and bear bag. it was so warm that day i pushed up my sleeves in about three seconds.

Just a little try at some ullzang (sp?) type makeup from a tutorial on youtube,I lost the fold in one of my eyes (very weird but a hazard of being mixed i guess) so I tried eyelid glue on one eye lol. I really wanna try circle lenses, saw reviews for pink ones omg! cute-arific. Anyway more blurry self shots, its not my camera aand I suck at using it.

Photoshoot from my entry in the tokyo rebel photo contest, I knew I had like no chance of winning but it was still fun.

This was my entry

So I had no idea tea drinking is such a dangerous hobby, lol, I severed a tendon (and vein and some nerve stuff too) in my pinky when a teacup fell and cut my hand. Loli-est thing ever? Going to the ER frilly, managed to get blood all over my skirt yukky. But I decoed up my brace super super sparkly, its not just an injury its a fashion accessory XD