Monday, July 18

Last month I got the chance to visit Meow Wolf ( 
Which is a very fun art space in Santa Fe, NM 
It really feels like falling into wonderland, each area has it's own theme and if you follow along closely there is an overarching story throughout the whole experience.
Here are a ton of pictures I took, 

This was my favorite room, everything was 3d but painted to look like a 2d cartoon set.

The laser room let you play music on a giant laser stringed harp.

Every nook and cranny was explorable, even the fridge and the fireplace were secret passageways.

This area was the perfect fairytale forest and the mushrooms lighted up when you tapped them.
And my outfit, all handmade. I really loved going in casual lolita, fancy enough to feel part of it all but casual enough to be able to climb about and enjoy it. If you ever have the chance to go I super duper recommend it, but make sure you wear bloomers and nothing super dear to you because it is very interactive and I did end up getting the hem of my dress caught on the occasional bit of scenery.