Saturday, February 26

Outfit post and spring influences

Happy weekend :)

A few outfits from the last few weeks. it's been super nice weather and it's putting me in a spring-y mood.

Snow White inspired :D I wore this on V-day, but I totally forgot it was a holiday and was wondering why people were telling me they how festive I was. I alway forget holidays XD

Tudor-lita ;) i won't be satisfied untill I have a dress inspired by every historical era. I've been in a historical costuming mood, and have been watching 'The Tudors' on the bbc and cringing at the painfully inaccurate costuming :p

Simple 'normal' clothes

I do have an OTT sweet side that I let out once and awhile :D An outfit for going out for tea cupcakes with a friend.
Ratting this wig was so much fun. You might recognize this coord from my dreaming macaron coordinate practice post.

Last one a pink and creme mori-esque coord. I love the body unconsciousness of mori styling. The shirt has little pintucks all down the front and I layer an apron under the shirt, over the skirts to keep the softness in the waist while adding more layers.

And lastly I made a little collection of my spring personal themes!
*and Cream
*Tone on tone texture and patterns
*Details like pintucks
*locks and key
*and Pre-raphaelite art
I'd love to hear what your spring inspirations are :D

Thursday, February 17

Dolly Knee Stockings

Yesterday I posted a picture on my tumblr of an adorable pair of doll joint stockings worn by the lovely ladypoison ( Her's are air brushed (listed as made by kohUeno who is a bike customizer?), seeing as I don't have access to one I decided to try and replicate the look with fabric paint.

i used:
black and grey acrylic paint
fabric medium to mix with the paint
thigh high stockings

I will start off by mentioning I have had several knee surgeries on my left knee so please forgive it's slightly wonky apperance.

First I measured my knee (with the stockings on) The joint lines are placed 2 inches above and below my knee. 7 inches in total length.
Then I marked out with a flesh tone washable marker the shape. I really recomend doing this on each knee so it fits perfectly.

Side view, make sure to continue the line along the side of the knee so it will match up with the back portion.

I then outlined with black fabric paint

Then shaded with both grey fabric paint and watered down black, to create the shadows that would occur with doll parts fitting together. one knee shaded

And both done. I didn't take a photo of doing the backs, sorry. It is just the same as the front, just put them on backwards and repeat :)

I put my completed stockings through the dryer with heat to set the paint then washed them. I didn't find any bleeding of the design :)

This is a test one I did yesterday, I made the shaded area larger not sure which version I like better.

Here they are off, the area around the paint will look puckered when not worn.

Some worn photos :D

I really think these are cute and playful. I would def. wear them for a photoshoot but not really for everyday. i really want a pair for arm joints next :D

Sunday, February 13

Two new wig tutorials

Two more up-dos using twin tail wigs!

First a hime bump style. Sorry about the wig slip in the video XD

360 of the finished wig :)

And a side fall style, that seems very summery to me :)

360 view of the finished style

Wednesday, February 9

Twin tail tutorial: Asymmetrical updo

This first one is gothic inspired by the artist Yoh (

Hairpins and one large clippy is all you need :)

And a 360 picture view.

Hope your week is going lovely!

Outfits and sewing post

Just two outfits this time because last week had such bad weather pretty much the whole city shut down :p

So I stayed home and spent my unexpected free time sewing :) I was planning on baking a bunch also but the pipes in the kitchen froze and the gas company was warning that there would be outages across the state :(

From last monday. I wore the rain boots just for fun but by the end of the day I was super glad I wore them because it had stared to snow/rain hard.

Mori for thrifting and an appointment. So amazingly comfy :) and so many visible layers (shirt, op, skirt, bloomer, coat, shawl).
My hair was half pulled up in a top bun with flowers and a little birds nest.

Henna! I love henna and have been doing it for about 7 years :) With my shopping list (I like having matching supplies, I have pads of paper in many different colors to go with different outfits), matryoshka dolls, and with leaf and ladybug nail polish.

Now some of the things I did during the snowpocalypse

A black fake fur muff, long lace edged bloomers made from a skirt, and

grey furry shoe cuffs :) They wrap around the ankle and tie in front with lace print ribbon.

Soft and warm roomwear :) A long pink nightgown with a fluffy bunny and long bloomers.

A tea/maiden length skirt
I love this pattern :)

I'm super excited about this whole outfit :D please excuse the un-ironed-ness and loose threads. It's a blue skirt with chiffon ruffles, a blue chiffon long vest, flowered apron, an over coat, neckwarmer, and lace and flower pin. The shirt and hat I had already.

I was going for a natural kei feel with lots of layers and details. The overcoat is light and soft, so hopefully will be usefull into spring weather. The skirt I'm excited to use with cream and gold accents for classic loli :) I'm dyeing some rose lace to go above the top line of ruffles (inspired by the brand chantilly) so it's not totally finished yet.

mori-esque one piece (I'm wearing it in the outfit snap above)
the neckline is made with an antique doily.

And my favorite little thing right now, a tea tag necklace! I love the look of cute paper tea tags hanging over the edges of teacups so I made this necklace, it sits hanging off set for a whimsical look and has golden little swirlies in the corner. I want to make a matching bracelet next with several different 'flavors' :)

Next post will be another wig tutorial (I'm editing it right now:) It should be up later tonight!

Sunday, February 6

Twin tail wig series: 2 new bun videos

And the last two of the bun videos :D Sorry about the delay in posting them.
This first one is one a low classial styled bun, this works best with a longer base wig.

Next a high odango/ top knot/ korean bun. This style works woderfully with long and short base wigs, for short ones just skip the braid part at the end :)

The next few videos will be using the clip ponytails to create up-dos and will feature a hime, gothic, and side falling styles :D plus all will work great with short base wigs. Look for them being posted mid week.