Wednesday, November 17

Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear Headphones

I saw on an episode of 'tokyo kawaii tv' a girl who makes cute deco earphones, mostly hers were cute colorful pom-poms. Such a cute idea, I had to give it a try! Teddy bears seems like the perfect fall theme so I made these. Maybe next I will made bunnies or unicorns :)

fake fur 1/4 yard (you could use fleece or any soft fabric too)
red felt
black felt
fiber fill (stuffed animal fluff)
glue gun (low temp is best)

Cut the fake fur into two circles about 3 times larger than the ear pieces of your headphones, and a long piece wide enough to circle and over lap the head band part and long enough to go from ear piece to ear piece. (my circles were about 4in long/wide and band about 1.5 inch wide but your might differ)

Glue the fur to the head band overlaping so the seam will sit across your head, when looking at them flat it might appear slightly to the front or back so check it on your head :)

Basting stich (longer loose stiching) around your circles, this can also be done on a machine (use the least stich per inch) pull bottom thread on one side to gather. The opening should be a tiny bit smaller than the outer edge of the earpeices.

Stuff each circle with fluff, I used about a golfball size amount, you want it fluffy looking not to stuffed.

Glue circles to the ear peices. Make sure not to overlap onto the part that goes on your ears and that your stuffing stay firmly encased. Tuck the raw edge of the fabric slightly so it's more comfortable.

All glued together!

Next ears! cut 4 half circles each of both of fake fur and felt.

Glue together.

Glue to the 'head'. Please forgive all the glue gun strings :(

Add eyes, nose and whatever else. I did black eyes with red hearts, black oval noses and bows (red for miss bear and black bowtie or mr bear). i think adding a bow to the headband part would look quite cute (all in one accessory :D).

I think they turned out pretty cute! They only took about 30min. I used a pair of old headphones, much cuter then they used to be ;) Picture of them worn coming later.

Monday, November 1


How was your halloween? Lots of candy hopefully :)
On halloween day I dressed in an improptu bunny 'costume' because I didn't want to people to think my normal way of dressing was my costume, plus it was fun to wear ears ;D
My real costume was this *v*

It's meant to be a mistress of Charles II of England, because mistresses have more fun!

i'm thinking Barbara Villiers because she got off the best, money for herself and her heirs even after Charles died.

it was a fun costume to wear and make. It is handsewn (except for a few of the boning cases in the interlining. Stiched with period techniques. Made of red changable taffeta (i know duchess satin would be more apropriate) and plastic whalebone for the boning wood for the busk and cotton for the lining. Base Bodice pattern from the Bath museum silver tissue dress, but with diffrent sleeves and exposed spiral lacing in back. The shift (white part) is totally inaccurate :(