Wednesday, March 31

Ok so I suck at this, I only seem to update at 4 month intervals at like 4 in the morning. I love reading all the cute loli blogs full of info-type posts, style guide, and such that keep springing up, luckily I don't aspire to such things I'm just too lazy for that ;) Anways....pic dump, that really all I'm good for, lol!

Dusting off the brand, I keep getting outbid on mbok so I thought to treat myself by wearing some of the things I have.
Pandan pancakes and cuties oranges=super yummy
Just playing with new makeup and sucking at taking pictures XD

Skirt print and socks. I love this couch it is totally falling apart though.

Whole outfit, sorry for the mirror shot :(

Matching taffy, I've been matching what I eat to my outfit, mostly by accident, but its nice if you happen to spill it blends in :) I look super frazzled here, sorry.

Medical/disection print, I wanted the print to look like an old medical book all worn and used. The banner says 'are you dead yet?'

Whee! As gothic as I get. I love these betsy johnson tights, they are super long they even fit me.

Anyway, I have a fashion show comming up, managed to get everything done in advance (yay!) It's a cake theme (I didn't pick it, just going along with it) and it's for charity. Each of the outfits is a flavor of cake, it was nice to have a bit of focus for the show as a whole. i really just do them for fun so I try not to stress to much lol. I will post photos when it happens, 13 outfits total :)
Today I made strawberry (no gelatin) Marshmallows, it took trying out a bunch of recipies and a few batches but they came out awesome.