Thursday, October 21

bubble bubble Sweetness

Fancy Sodas! originally posted to my tumblr
Quick and cute :)

Melon Soda Float
.25 cup melon puree
can of sparkling water
ice cream

Mango Rose Soda Float
.5 teaspoon rose water
drop of pink food colour
spoon of sugar
can of sparkling water
scoop of mango sherbert

Peach Soda Float
.25 cup peach puree
.25 teaspoon vanilla
spoon of sugar
can of sparkling water
ice cream

Pear Berry Soda
.5 cup pear puree
.25 teaspoon vanilla extract
can of sparkling water
handfull of frozen blueberries
*for creamy version add spoon of half and half or ice cream*

The fruit puree can be made by blitzing the fruit in a blender (minus skins and seeds of course)

I've been thinking about making drinks influenced by lolita brands or maybe even prints (hmm a sugary carnival soda..marshmallow and horse flavor XD)

monday's outfit

Monday's outfit: I love fall but hate the silly hot, then cold, then back to hot weather it brings, I ended up taking off the jacket after only a little while :/ but I think the outfit looks more balanced with it off anyway so all for the best.
Monster cotton candy (and I was wearing cotton candy purfume too)

a bit more than a few outfits (part 2)

summer -fall outfits
Last week. Snow dot tights < 3 but they have a run already :( all the greens do match in rl but the lighting is odd.

Choco soda! It tasted like liquid tootsie rolls.

Purple purple tea. I really like the effect of the light purple criss cross over the socks, it's just strips of stretch fabric laced up and tied behind the knee in bows :)

make up pic, much diffrent then my usual


School type, wishing for fall (now that it is fall I want summer back )

This shirt tends to make me look over busty :( anyway, I love that waist chain it has a little picture of alice liddel on a strand of pearls.

Action loli? i spent the day moving boxes hence the sneakers

Summer always puts be in a sailor type mood. this summer I found a love of detachable collars and short socks :O

Heart shaped pizza <3 squash, onion, and garlic I don't really like cheese so it ended up pretty healthy :)

a bit more than a few outfits (part 1)

Sorry another big gap in posting :( but I do keep my tumblr much more active (

I went a bit crazy with diffrent colored hair this summer black->teal->purple->black->now red/gold split

Summer outfits I might be a dinosarus, aka what happens when I don't know how to pose ;D

mmm...cupcake baking print. I wore this to a dentist appointment maybe not the tooth healthest theme! But i have awesome dentists and they liked it, and they had polish stuff that tasted like chocolate.

Just a face pic, from working on my halloween costume (I changed my mind already) you can only see the top edge but I'm wearing a zone front jacket (hand sewn, made of blue cotton velvet).

Polka dots and card suits, and my foster cat aphra

Gingham and nut brown, totally inspired by candyland (the nut brittle lady) but the old game design not the new one (the new one is not cute at all)